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Articles by John Trindle

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Victory Flight (2003-04-07) short

An excerpt from the novel Victory Highway.

A Day in the Life (2003-04-21) short fiction

Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is to get up in the morning and face the world.

Sister Night, Brother Sun (2007-04-16) short

A fable, as told to children. (Draft excerpt from 'Natural Causes', a NaNoWriMo 2003 work-in-progress)(Originally appeared 11-08-2003)

The Rosewood Box (2008-04-07) short fiction

Forgotten and dusty, alone and unwanted. Even the cast out can long for freedom, fulfillment, and the joy of seeing a different life ... Originally appeared 2007-05-14.

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How To Change a Tire (2003-04-28) nonfiction how-to humor

Exerpted from the "Filthy Piker Cook Book and Survival Guide", invaluable advice you can't afford not to know.

A Piker Goes To Germany (2003-06-30) nonfiction travel

Notes from a man without a country and without a camera. What did you expect to see while sitting in a German sidewalk cafe?

A Stout Ship, and A Stout Crew (2004-06-26) nonfiction travel science

...It was then the valiant crew set forth on a 3 month journey across the Atlantic, from England to the middle coast of the New World. They would call the place Jamestown, and the ship was Godspeed. The year was 1985.

Supermodeling for Skeptics (2005-04-10) nonfiction

In which we explore the difference between the search for The Absolute Truth, and the search for A Useful Explanation So We Can Get On With Our Lives and Maybe Catch A Movie Later. First appeared 2003-04-14

So, You want to Write a Bot? 01 (2005-10-17) cover story science artificial intelligence

All the cool kids are doing it... creating artificial intelligence programs that respond to complex input as a person, or animal, or imaginary character might. What are some of the concerns in designing such a program? Part 1 of 2.

So, You want to Write a Bot? 02 (2005-10-24) nonfiction computer science

How can you prevent bot abuse and control the manner in which the program is manipulated? How can you stop it from annoying people, especially in heavy forums discussions with emotional significance? Can a program simulate tact? Read on. Part 2 of 2.

Peek of the Week 051 (2006-07-24) photo art

Official mascot of a trip to Hunter Island, South Carolina.

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Murphy's Law: Queuing (2003-05-05) op_ed

The line you pick at the grocery store always seems to move the slowest. What's up with that? Use science to improve your shopping experience.

Freedom Train (2003-05-12) op_ed

A tribute to a Man, and a Dream

Kids These Days (2003-08-25) op_ed

What's wrong with these damn kids?

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Victory Highway 01 (2003-05-19) serial fiction contemporary

Part one of Victory Highway, a NaNoWriMo novel. We meet the protagonist, Mark, and a giant elephant. Part 1 of 26.

Victory Highway 02 (2003-05-26) serial fiction, contemporary

We learn about the elephant, and a little more about Mark, that murderer.

Victory Highway (Part III) (2003-06-02) Serial

Mark makes a decision which may very well change his life. Or not.

Victory Highway (Part IV) (2003-06-09) Serial

Mark at the crossroads, and a ray of hope shines as he finally escapes South Jersey.

Victory Highway (Part V) (2003-06-16) Serial

Mark ponders Classical/Romantic Duality at Mike's Famous Roadside Restaurant and has a coupla brewskis *hic*

Victory Highway (Part VI) (2003-06-23) Serial

When you drink as much as Mark does, it's hard to say if a situation is surreal, or if you're just that wasted, but there's something about this pool game that seems a little odder than most. Mark may win the game and the favors of the fair lady, but is he running the risk of losing something far more important?

Victory Highway (Part VII) (2003-06-30) Serial

His family is dead and he's teetering on the brink of insanity. In a dusty Baltimore pool hall, Mark plays the game of his life. Is he really a loser?

Victory Highway (Part VIII) (2003-07-07) Serial

We follow Mark as he scrambles out of Baltimore, meets the irrepressible Doris, and reaches the Alleghenies.

Victory Highway (Part IX) (2003-07-14) Serial

Mark remembers meeting Laura for the first time (and the Evil Dr. Laura, too).

Victory Highway (Part X) (2003-07-21) Serial

Part way down US40 and smack in the middle of memory lane, the countryside reminds Mark of the long-distance relationship which brought his beloved wife Laura, now dead, into his life. Sweet memories commingle with his bitter feelings as he recalls falling in love with her.

Victory Highway (Part XI) (2003-07-28) Serial

We see Nick, Jack, and Natasha again for a bit of light entertainment, and Mark mulls over the strength and beauty of glass.

Victory Highway (Part XII) (2003-08-11) Serial

Mark continues his journey through his past. We meet his grandparents, who helped inspire his original thirst, the thirst for knowledge.

Victory Highway (Part XIII) (2003-08-18) Serial

Mark and Cliff resume their journey, coming home to meet a Special Guest Star! (or two... or three...)

Victory Highway (Part XIV) (2003-08-25) Serial

Mark contemplates Perfectionism, and finds out where a real Stiffy is kept.

Victory Highway (Part XV) (2003-09-01) Serial

Mark wakes up in scenic Collinsville, IL... meets Gordi, and remembers some good times.

Victory Highway (Part XVI) (2003-09-15) Serial

Mark reminisces about the rest of his family, and his first descent into darkness.

Victory Highway (Part XVII) (2003-10-06) Serial

How can you deal with being treated as a Nice Guy and Just Friends, when you're neither? Mark deals with his past anger and love of demon alcohol, while making his way across Missouri.

Victory Highway (Part XVIII) (2003-10-13) Serial

Mark loses his way a bit in a fond memory, and succumbs to Hunger.

Victory Highway (Part XIX) (2003-10-20) Serial

Mark continues mulling over his love life. If he had one now, would he continue to live in the past, you think?

Victory Highway (Part XX) (2003-11-01) Serial

Mark ponders evil, and the lesser of two thereof. What on earth does that mean? Better to fantasize than deal with RealPolitik.

Victory Highway (Part XXI) (2004-01-17) Serial

After blessed intervention from The Censor, we resume the plot portion of Mark's journey through life, and the United States.

Victory Highway (Part XXII) (2004-01-24) Serial

In Deepest Kansas, Mark's night with his dream girl continues. (Note: Mature content.)

Victory Highway (Part XXIII) (2004-01-31) Serial

Mark, at the crossroads, gets a push in the right direction from some old nut.

Victory Highway (part XXIV) (2004-02-07) Serial

Mark passes through a *lot* of territory, really quickly. He meets an old friend of the family for the first time.

Victory Highway (Part XXV) (2004-02-14) Serial

Mark faces his worst fears, and sees what True Love really is.

Victory Highway (Part XXVI) (2004-02-21) Serial

Our last installment... Mark learns about Low Friends in High Places, and ends his journey. You have to end to begin again.

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Amazing Mystical Weather Cat (2003-10-06) comics

Some folks use a flat rock instead of a cat, but the rock doesn't ask to be let in! With the Amazing Mystical Weather Cat, you have Weather on Demand!

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