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May 20, 2024

Victory Highway (Part XIX)

By John Trindle

Sarah... she was next. Sarah was in his senior year English class, and the fairest of the fair. Well, to be strictly honest, Mark was staring at her friend Pam's enormous breasts, but Pam already had a steady boyfriend. So, he shifted his gaze to Sarah, who also had a very nice shape. She was smart as a whip, too, fourth in the senior class. Somehow the subject of sharing lunch arose, and he mentioned that he lived next to the school, and would be glad to fix her some. She said that she'd enjoy that, and would bring along something special.

Well, she did. In her purse were two plastic squirt bottles, one with rum, and one with vodka. Mark always had cola in his house, and so they mixed up some drinks and set to. By the time the hour was up, they were delightfully smashed. They returned to Mr. Estes's English class, and sat across from each other, smirking at their conspiracy to avoid education. Mr. Estes never knew, but Pam found out soon enough, and was pleased that her dweeby best friend had found some extracurricular amusement.

They shared several such lunches, not every day, but close. It was March, and the temperatures were warming, both outside and within the Stratton townhouse. Then one day Sarah didn't show up for class. Another day went by, and another, and finally Mark worked up the courage to ask Pam what was going on.

Sarah was at home, confined to bed with mononucleosis... "The Kissing Disease". After jibing Mark good naturedly about that, she mentioned that she was taking homework assignments to Sarah, and could pass a message along. Mark wrote a long, sympathetic, heartfelt letter, sealed it, and hoped for the best.

Weeks went by, and letters went back and forth between the pair. They shared their innermost dreams and desires. Then one day, Sarah was back! Mark felt his heart leap as they scheduled another Liquid Lunch. When they arrived at his house, and slugged down their drinks, she reached over, put her hand behind his neck, and drew him into a deep, soulful kiss. "That's for writing to me these past few weeks. I loved it." Mark kissed back, his excitement growing. They set a date for Saturday night, to see the movie "All That Jazz".

The night arrived, and Sarah picked up Mark in her older sister's car. They had a few prepatory drinks, then went into the theater and bought gigantic sodas. She had her squeeze bottles, and they mixed up a couple strong ones.

Well, a two hour movie allows a lot more drinking than a 40 minute lunch, and Mark didn't know his limits with liquor. He barely knew his limits with beer, truth be known, and had decorated his best friend's white car with vomit on a recent occasion. He stumbled out of the theater seat, up the aisle and to the men's room, where he spent the rest of the movie barfing and suffering. His white turtleneck was stained and damp. Susan drove him home.

Ashamed, he could scarcely dare to face her on Monday. She had told her best friend, of course, and they were both giggly. Mark was mortified. Later, however, she slipped him a note saying that it was OK, it could happen to anyone. A couple days later he worked up the courage to ask her out, to the same movie again. She thought that was a great idea, noting that he had missed the best parts the last time, and they set another date.

This time Mark picked up Sarah. They retired for more drinks, but this time she drank too fast. In fact, they hadn't made it very far out of Mark's development before she was leaning out the passenger door, throwing up on the ground. Mark thought that was sweet, that everything was even now, and bought her a soda to wash out her mouth. Then they went to the movie, and she sat, head on his shoulder, nearly unconscious as he held her during the whole movie. They were a match made in heaven.

The next week, nearly at the end of one of their lunches, Sarah whispered in Mark's ear that she had a surprise for him. She was ready to make love to him. Mark couldn't believe his luck, and started kissing her passionately and reaching under her blouse to unsnap her bra. "Not right now, silly, we need protection." She moved his hands to a safer location. "I'll get some," gulped Mark, and she agreed, as soon as he did, they would. Mark was ecstatic, and thrilled. Almost too thrilled to walk back to class, as a matter of fact.

Mark has been snooping around in his father's bathroom a few weeks before, and had found a box of Trojans. He rushed up stairs that day and stole a few, and hid them in his room.

Two days later they went over to his house again, right after school. He had offered to give her a ride home, and she agreed. When they got to his house, they started kissing, their passion rising as they ground against each other, and sucked each others' tongues. Mark said, "I've got one." Sarah didn't catch his meaning at first, but then grinned widely. Mark took her by the hand and lead her up to his recently cleaned room. The single bunk from his childhood bed set was in the center of the room, and unusually enough, even had sheets. He removed his shirt, and watched as she removed her blouse. He was fascinated by the front snap of her 36C bra, it looked much easier to manage than the hooks he hand encountered a few times before. Her breasts were perfect... perfectly three dimensional, though they were a bit freckled and the aureoles a touch more irregular than the photos permanently etched into his mind. they were perfect, because they were real. He tongued them greedily as he unsnapped her jeans, and she his.

Neither one of them was familiar with the art of rolling on a condom, and the first snapped off and flew across the room. Luckily, he had a spare, and they managed to get this one on. He kissed her, and tried to find his target. She finally guided him in with one hand.

It was a bit painful, for her, and surprisingly painful for him. Naturally, as excited as they were, neither one of them knew the preparation required for excellent sex. He thrust into her, wincing and offering to stop at every involuntary cry. She insisted that he continue. The pain stopped, at least for him, and a distant pleasant warmth soaked through the rubber. He thrust in and out, experimentally, as she gasped in more pain. The utter thrill and impossibility of the fact that he was no longer a virgin overwhelmed him, and he climaxed, falling onto her with a grunt. A split second later he realized he was crushing her, and propped himself up on his elbows. She was crying, and smiling, and kissed him deeply. "Thank you, that was wonderful." Mark knew she was lying, but he was full of pride at his accomplishment. He kissed her back, and told her he loved her. Then he withdrew and threw the used rubber to the floor, and they snuggled for a bit in the tiny bed.

The sex never got much better between them, but they really did love each other, more than they ever had anyone else. They tried in his father's bed, in her own bed, in the car, and on a blanket under the Fourth of July fireworks at McIntire Park. They tried other things. One time Sarah was giving Mark oral pleasure as he drove the Nova on the road near his house. His right hand was trying to pleasure her at the same time. They were drunk, as usual, and the sensations were a little too much for him to handle and drive at the same time. He swerved, and they ended up in a ditch. He struggled to pull up and zip his pants, while a friendly resident asked if they needed help. "No, no! Everything's just fine!" and he backed into the fortunately empty road. Later Sarah commented on the friendly farmer who wanted to help them out of his pasture. She had no idea how far out in the country they were, she had her head down at the time.

They were out one evening, making out on the front bench seat of that 76 Nova. This car was terrific for parking since it from a distance it was identical to the undercover units of the county police. She had told her parents that they were going to the Paramount theater downtown, but of course they never did. They asked her how the movie was, and she replied "Great!". Then they informed her that the theater had burned down earlier that evening, and where were they *really*? Mark didn't see Sarah for a while after that.

They ended up going to college together, and talked of getting married after graduation. They were both into drugs, tripping and smoking and drinking together. The sex got less and less interesting, and Mark tried more and more desperately to figure out why. Sarah didn't like being eaten, so that was out. He bought her a vibrator, but she just laughed at it, and put it away after the one time he tried to use it on her. Mark was at a loss, but so was she. She had never orgasmed with him, not once, even though she thought she had by her own hand once. All they had experienced were each other. They broke up a few times, but always got back together. That is, until their senior year. That's when she finally kicked Mark out.

Mark passed a sign for Forbes Field near Topeka and remembered a story from the 1980s. President Reagan was visiting, and they heard some disturbing noise outside the building. Secret Service rushed out, and gunfire was heard. They had shot a pair of mating dogs, since they considered them a threat to the President's security. He reflects that perhaps a man who called his wife "Mommy" was a little too sheltered to be able to handle the sight of doggy styling.

Article © John Trindle. All rights reserved.
Published on 2003-10-20
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