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April 08, 2024

Victory Highway (Part XXII)

By John Trindle

He brushed her neck with his lips again, and then kissed more firmly, lightly biting her neck then nibbling up to her earlobe. She moaned again, more emphatically, and rolled toward him. Her eyes were bright and her lips flushed with excitement, and she licked her lips. Unable to resist, he kissed her, at first delicately, and then more and more passionately. She responded in turn, lightly scratching his back with her long nails.

After a timeless eternity which passed in but a moment, the kiss wound down to uncountable nibbles and nips. He rolled back and sighed a breath of great release and contentment.

She gazed at him adoringly as she sat up. Then she smiled and said "See anything you like? She ran her nails down from her chin toward her cleavage, and thrust her chest forward.

He grinned, then sat up and leaned forward. He took one of the laces at her bosom between his teeth, and pulled gently but persistently. The bow untied, and the neckline of the teddy fell slightly open. He pulled at one corner. and drew the cloth away from her slightly dampened skin, revealing a perfect breast. He kissed her cleavage and delicately dragged the tip of his tongue across to the center of her breast, circling, then surrounded it with his lips, flicking with his tongue. She moaned louder in appreciation and held his head to her chest, gently stroking his ears.

After a moment, he did the same with the other side of the teddy, pulling the cloth away from the skin and attending to the aching nipple with his mouth. She reached down and stroked him. A moan of his own escaped his lips, and she smiled.

In an effort to prolong the ecstasy, he pulled the lower part of his body away from her ministrations, and went to the laces on her left side. He untied them, his oral skill with laces improving with practice. The entire left side of the teddy fell away, and he ran his tongue up her side, nearly to her armpit. She giggled and then sighed. "Let me help you..." she murmured. "No, relax. I'm enjoying myself." "Very well then, sir, carry on!" and she chuckled and relaxed.

He went around to her right side, untiled the laces, and let the teddy fall. He tossed it to one side, and kissed the back of her neck, below the choker, from one side to the other. Then with light nibbling bites, he made his way down her spine to the small of her back, and the top of her tailbone cleft. She whimpered a bit, but knew better than to protest any further. She was having far too much fun as it was.

"Lie back" he commanded, and she obeyed with alacrity. His tongue traced a line from the hollow of her neck, through her cleavage, to end in a light, almost ticklish kiss at her navel. She was transfixed, focused on that one tiny spot of contact between their bodies. She noticed him removing her lingerie, and tried to help by reaching for her pumps. "No, leave them." Mark said thickly, and she obeyed.

He kissed her ankle, in between the straps, and made his way up from there. He paused at the knee, and kissed the back of it lingeringly. She whimpered a little more, begging "Please, please, take me, now...." but he cruelly ignored her. He resumed his pace, perhaps even slower now, kissing his way up to her center of passion.

She cried out at the touch, and her breathing quickened. Mark applied all the lessons he had learned, from Susan and Rita and especially Laura. He paid close attention to her breathing, to her involuntary movements, to her ever-increasing scent. Finally, she bucked, her hips leaping from the bed, over and over, while he hung on and tried to maintain contact. He relented and resumed, triggering a new set of contractions each time.

Finally she made a loud but only somewhat articulate request for him to stop. "I want you in me. Now." she groaned thickly. As they moved, her pleasure rose and receded, with each peak a little higher than the last. He felt his own excitement build past the breaking point. His skin went numb and tingly all over, his awareness shrunk to one small part of his existence. He prolonged the moment as long as possible, and finally let loose. The feel of his completion triggered another, smaller response in her, and they both collapsed into the bed. His weight, full on top of her, didn't bother her but comforted her as she had never been before.

They lay there, senseless, for a long time. Then he rolled off her, lay on his side, and put his arm around her. "That was..." "Yes, yes it was." They lay basking in the afterglow for a while, until he felt her manicured hand move upon him.

"Errr... again?" He murmured sleepily as his body automatically responded with much less relucatance. "Yes. I want you even more now. You've awakened feelings in me I haven't had in... well, I only had them once."

She climbed on top of him, and gently rocked while she talked.

"I mentioned horses, and when I was twelve, I was an avid rider. I loved the power and freedom of horses, loved their smell, loved their size... everything. I was a tomboy, always dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt, and I worked in the nearby stables over the summer."

Mark swallowed, his mind half on the story and half on the sensations she was giving him. He was coming back to life, faster than ever before.

"One day, I was out on Fletcher. Fletcher was a somewhat wild horse, and only the better riders could handle him. I preferred to ride without a saddle, and he much preferred not to wear one.

"I don't know why that day was different, but it was. Fletcher and I were a team, united, racing up and down the trails of the farm. I was enjoying it, too, not just from the thrill of speed, but from a new feeling. A warm glow grew within me, flowing from the center of my belly out to the tips of my fingers."

Mark's breathing deepened as he struggled to listen.

Natasha spoke faster. "As we went faster, the feeling grew. Finally, Fletcher and I decided to jump some hedgerows. We'd launch and I'd sink into his back, land and I'd be jostled. Every time we landed joy would flood through me. "

Mark thrust deep within her, and held her upright with one hand while he massaged her with his other. Her facial expressions were priceless. He couldn't see them before, but now he could see her eyes and mouth as waves of sensation went through her. It was the most beautiful sight he could remember. Finally, she went rigid, and then fell against him with a strangled cry of joy.

She slumped on him, completely relaxed, and seemed to sleep. He dozed as well, but did hear her say at one point. "Flood was the word. My jeans were soaked when I got back to the stable. And I never, ever, felt anything that intense with another living being, until tonight." Mark felt his ego blossom, and mumbled something about "any time, my darling Laura." Then he fell asleep.

The next morning, he awoke alone to the vague smell of cinnamon, and a feeling of guilt. He had cheated on the memory of Laura. Not only that, but he had insulted Natasha by calling her the wrong name. Damn.

He felt torn, now. He didn't even know if Natasha was real, or wishful thinking. He was falling in love, though, either way.

Article © John Trindle. All rights reserved.
Published on 2004-01-24
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