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February 19, 2024

Articles by Bruce Memblatt

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New Night (2010-01-25) cover story short fiction fantasy

A native New Yorker, Bruce writes short stories in a mad search to one day create the definitive short story. In the meanwhile his works have appeared in SNM Horror Magazine, Demonic Tome, Freedom Fiction, and The Horror Zine.

Dinner with Henry (2010-03-08) short fiction fantasy

Times were rough. This was at least a job, and easy enough to do, even though his co-workers were a bit on the odd side ...

Dinner With Henry 2: The Inspection (2010-03-22) short fiction fantasy

Being Henry is normal to Henry. His co-workers respect him, he does his best, he's never late for work. But one day in particular, his employer doesn't want him there ...

Dinner with Henry 3: Love Is In The Air (2010-04-05) short fiction fantasy

And who wouldn't be captivated by her amazing personality and flair?

Dinner with Henry 4: The Illusion (2010-04-19) short fiction fantasy

How agonizing, to pretend that love does not exist!

Dinner with Henry 5: The Betrayal (2010-05-03) short fiction fantasy

Poor Henry! Can she have been that fickle all along?

Dinner with Henry 6: Yvette (2010-05-17) short fiction fantasy

How surprising for Andre to bring his niece to the kitchen for a visit -- but not more surprising than what Diego has to say ...

Dinner with Henry 7: The Celebration (2010-05-31) short fiction fantasy

How much better a celebration is when no secrets are to be avoided ... and forgetfulness doesn't end the evening's fun ...

Dinner With Henry 8: The Sting (2010-06-14) short fiction fun

Trouble brews for the kitchen crew: Shakespeare has been up to something shady, and Henry has a problem he hasn't even begun to address yet ...

Dinner With Henry 9: The Last of Sheila? (2010-06-28) short fiction humor fantasy

While preparation for the wedding continues, She is shaking up the staff once again ...

Dinner With Henry 10: The Big Drip (2010-07-12) short fiction fantasy

While Diego struggles with her aversion to floors, Shakespeare and Andre must clean up someone else's mess ...

Dinner With Henry 11: The Plan (2010-07-26) short fiction fantasy

Andre and Shakespeare consider the kitchen an ideal place for Henry and Diego's wedding, but Henry would really like to have the wedding in the loft. The trouble is, Henry's mother will be the one to decide ...

Dinner With Henry 12: In the Beginning (2010-08-09) short fiction fantasy

Who but Andre would have the courage to ask Clarissa about her son's condition?

Dinner With Henry 13: The Day Off (2010-08-23) short fiction fantasy

The kitchen is closed! What does one do when cooking is forbidden? Why, visit Macy's Housewares, of course!

Dinner With Henry 14 (2010-09-06) short fiction fantasy

The kitchen is in shambles -- exactly what is that wicked Simpson up to?

Dinner With Henry 15: On the Sunny Side of the Street (2010-09-27) short fiction fantasy

Shakespeare has been fired, but the kitchen is not at all the same without him -- in fact it's rather empty ...

Dinner With Henry 16: Twisted Sister (2010-10-11) short fiction fantasy

The usually happy Henry is feeling somewhat worried about his future ...

Dinner With Henry 17: The Big Room (2010-10-25) short fiction fantasy

The kitchen crew are out of their depth when it comes to water flooding the big room -- and they don't know all the secrets the kitchen hides, either ...

Dinner With Henry 18: The Anxiety of It All (2010-11-08) short fiction fantasy

The wedding is soon, and Henry is anxious about getting married. Diego is about to put a stop to that!

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Dinner With Henry 19: The Joining (2010-11-22) short fiction fantasy

The wedding of the century! Half man, half bug, Henry edges toward the ceremony that will change his life forever.

Dinner With Henry 20: The Aftermath (2010-12-06) short fiction fantasy

They are married, and now everything should get peaceful ... until someone decides to get nasty ...

Dinner With Henry 21: The Surprise (2010-12-20) serial fiction fantasy

Henry and Diego are on their honeymoon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ... are Andre and Shakespeare going to surprise them by following them there?

Dinner With Henry 22: Mother's Little Helper (2010-12-27) short fiction fantasy humor

Clarissa's outrage at Henry and Diego's marriage knows no bounds, and she's not very happy with Sincere's interference, either...

Dinner With Henry 23: The House Guest (2011-01-03) serial fiction fantasy humor

Andre faces one of his greatest challenges, with only a sarcastic blind midget as his backup.

Dinner With Henry 24: The Hot Spot (2011-01-10) serial fiction fantasy humor

Delancey Street is scorching in a heat wave, and no one is comfortable -- especially Diego.

Dinner With Henry 25: The Arrival (2011-01-17) serial fiction fantasy humor

The power is still out, and Diego has to walk to the hospital to have her baby. Will she make it?

Dinner With Henry 26: The Arrival Persists (2011-01-24) serial fiction fantasy humor

A perfectly normal human child has been born. But is that what Henry and Diego really wanted?

Dinner With Henry 27: And Baby Makes Four (2011-01-31) serial fiction fantasy humor

All new parents feel sleep-deprived. But in this case, it's not the baby wearing Diego and Henry out ...

Dinner With Henry 28: Big (2011-02-07) serial fiction fantasy

Change and difference can encompass many aspects: some big, and some small ...

Dinner With Henry 29: Up On The Roof (2011-02-14) serial fiction fantasy humor

Clarissa's peculiar behavior since her grand-daughter Winifred was born has just gone "over the top" ...

Dinner With Henry 30: Still Up on the Roof (2011-02-21) serial fiction fantasy humor

Clarissa is still menacing the gathering crowd from atop the roof -- can Henry's sister Elvira help her?

Dinner With Henry 31: Down On the Roof (2011-02-28) serial fiction fantasy humor

Henry's mother is being interviewed by a therapist, who sees nothing out of the ordinary in treating a giant bug...

Dinner With Henry 32: The Big Nothing (2011-03-07) serial fiction fantasy humor

In Andre's kitchen, is it really possible that NOTHING is happening?

Dinner With Henry 33: Baby Talk (2011-03-14) serial fiction fantasy humor

If you're half man, half bug, there's not a day that goes by that doesn't change your life ...

Dinner With Henry 34: The Gathering (2011-03-21) serial fiction fantasy humor

Winifred's father is half-bug and half-man, and his mother is missing an ear, but Winifred is something completely different ...

Dinner With Henry 35: The Door (2011-04-04) serial fiction fantasy humor

With her mysterious precociousness, Winifred informs Andre of yet another area of mystery ...

Dinner With Henry 36: I Read the News Today (2011-04-11) serial fiction fantasy humor

Didn't anyone ever tell Andre and Shakespeare that television is a bad influence for kids?

Dinner With Henry 37: Somewhere Over Delancey Street (2011-04-18) serial fiction fantasy humor

Clarissa is about to learn more about her Door by standing too near her Window ...

Dinner With Henry 38: After the Rainbow (2011-05-02) serial fiction fantasy humor

Clarissa was knocked out, but now awake, what amazing insights will she have? ...

Dinner With Henry 39: An Ordinary Day (2011-05-09) serial fiction fantasy humor

Is there such a thing as an ordinary day for someone who is half bug, half human?

Dinner With Henry 40: A Small Matter of Privacy (2011-05-16) serial fiction fantasy humor

There are some things a dad wishes his little daughter didn't ever have to understand ...

Dinner With Henry 41: Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens (2011-05-23) serial fiction fantasy humor

Wine, women, and song? Wait, it's Shakespeare, Andre ... and the one they refer to as "SHE..."

Dinner With Henry 42: The Manchurian Chef (2011-05-30) serial fiction fantasy humor

How do you bring yourself to tell your child that the world thinks less of people who are half bug?

Dinner With Henry 43: The Great Escape? (2011-06-06) serial fiction fantasy humor

The Mayor has been shot at, and Andre is sort of complicit in the crime ...

Dinner With Henry 44: Back Door (2011-06-13) serial fiction fantasy humor

Andre only told his friend to drug the mayor, but even just those words will involve him in the shooting -- unless he can hide ...

Dinner With Henry 45: A Tangled Web (2011-06-20) serial fiction fantasy humor

Who knew that Andre's impetuous words to the mayor's chef would lead to death and deceit?

Dinner With Henry 46: All That Glitters (2011-06-27) serial fiction fantasy humor

Clarissa is still shouting incomprehensibly -- can She be so upset that Andre is in trouble?

Dinner With Henry 47: The Door Stop (2011-07-04) serial fiction fantasy humor

The officers are behind the door in Clarissa's rooms ... will they ever come out?

Dinner With Henry 48: One More for the Road (2011-07-11) serial fiction fantasy humor

The day started out so well, but by tea time, things are getting a bit out of hand ...

Dinner With Henry 49: Rum with a View (2011-07-18) serial fiction fantasy humor

Andre and Shakespeare have been sharing some rum, but the clock is ticking away the minutes, while their boss waits for them to arrive at her tea ...

Dinner With Henry 50: What a Swell Party It Was (2011-07-25) serial fiction fantasy humor

Diego, Andre, and Shakespeare are still drinking rum ... and then their employer appears!

Dinner With Henry 51: Winifred's Quest (2011-08-01) serial fiction fantasy humor

When you know your child is "different" ... how do you explain why?

Dinner With Henry 52: Have Badge will Unravel (2011-08-08) serial fiction fantasy humor

Once again, the police are at the kitchen door -- what do they want this time?

Dinner With Henry 53: The Short Visit, or How Not To Bake a Sugar Cake (2011-08-15) serial fiction fantasy humor

It's fine time that Henry gets to meet his mother-in-law ...

Dinner With Henry 54: A Day with Diego (2011-08-29) serial fiction fantasy humor

Diego hungers ... for a new haircut, for a Big Mac, for ... a world without Connie Francis?

Dinner With Henry 55: Andre Day (2011-09-12) serial fiction fantasy humor

It's a strange day for the house chef -- can it possibly be really, truly Andre Day?

Dinner With Henry 56: Home on the Range (2011-11-14) serial fiction fantasy humor

Shakespeare has been gone for a month! What adventures did he have? Did he miss his pal Andre?

Dinner With Henry 57: Meet the New Boss (2011-11-28) short fiction fantasy humor

Oh, dear, Simpson is away, and Henry must keep the kitchen running ...

Dinner With Henry 58: The Big Chill (2011-12-12) serial fiction fantasy humor

Rumblings in the walls and ceiling have the kitchen crew wondering what could possibly be happening.

Dinner With Henry 59: Gone With The Wind (2011-12-26) serial fiction fantasy humor

The wind in the warehouse is getting worse. What could possibly be the source?

Dinner With Henry 60: The Confrontation (2012-01-09) serial fiction fantasy humor

Clarissa, the giant bug, is sneezing the house down! Who will have the courage to tell her to use a handkerchief?

Dinner With Henry 61: Down and Out in the Lower East Side (2012-01-23) serial fiction fantasy humor

Clarissa, the giant bug who is also Henry's mother, has gone mad! Is there anything they can do besides just get out of her way?

Dinner With Henry 62: The Simpson (2012-02-13) serial fiction fantasy humor

Is something real just because you think it is? What about a blind midget, or a one-eared nurse? What about a giant bug lying on her back on the floor?

Dinner With Henry 63: A Hard Day's Day (2012-02-27) serial fiction fantasy humor

Andre the chef finds cooking pancakes for a giant bug to be an illustration of the futility of the human condition ...

Dinner With Henry 64: Clarissa's Dream (The Reversal) (2012-03-19) serial fiction fantasy humor

The magic in the warehouse loft is once again revealed -- in a giant bug's deepest fear ...

Dinner With Henry 65: Cat on a Hot Tin Stove (2012-04-02) serial fiction fantasy humor

It's a home invasion! A cat has entered Andre's kitchen, and then commandeered the loft! What can Andre and his blind midget sous chef do?

Dinner With Henry 66: Be a Lion (2012-05-14) serial fiction fantasy humor

Who will be the first to eat them, the lion, or their big bug boss Clarissa?

Dinner With Henry 67: A Call To Arms (2012-05-28) short fiction fantasy humor

The door in the loft -- who knows what might come out of it next? There seems to be only one possible course of action...

Dinner With Henry 68: OOPS (2012-06-11) short fiction fantasy humor

Overshadowed by Simpson's insane determination, Andre, Shakespeare, and Henry follow him and his dynamite to the loft ...

Dinner With Henry 69: Just Like That (2012-06-25) short fiction fantasy humor

Simpson and his dynamite have disappeared behind the magic door in the loft. Should Henry call 9-1-1? Should Andre scream for help? What ever is Clarissa going to say?

Dinner With Henry 70: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? (2012-07-09) serial fiction fantasy humor

Simpson has disappeared, and his replacement arrives even before the smell of dynamite is gone. Is this new boss going to be loads of laughs?

Dinner With Henry 71: The Huddle (2012-07-23) serial fiction fantasy humor

Remembering Maria's implacable wrath the day before, what will the kitchen staff do to cope? Even their giant bug employer isn't as scary!

Dinner With Henry 72: Z (2012-08-06) serial fiction fantasy humor

With Simpson and his dynamite blown up behind the magic door, guilt and fear dog the steps of the kitchen staff...and retribution...

Dinner With Henry 73: The Longest Mile (2012-08-20) serial fiction fantasy humor

With her father being half-bug, half-man, little Winifred is bound to be different than other babies ...

Dinner With Henry 74: Girl Talk (2012-09-03) serial fiction fantasy humor

Oh, no! Who is Andre's favorite little girl?

Dinner With Henry 75: Chopped Sugar (2012-09-17) serial fiction fantasy humor

The new manager Maria is starting to make the rest of the staff think Simpson was a saint, dynamite not withstanding ...

Dinner With Henry 76: The Panic Room (2012-10-01) serial fiction fantasy humor

Andre the Chef's big mouth may get him into trouble -- and how will he get out of it?

Dinner With Henry 77: The Hat That Got Away (2012-10-15) serial fiction fantasy humor

Something sinister is going on in the kitchen, and it's not a faulty bag of flour ...

Dinner With Henry 78: Two Hats Are Not Better Than One (2012-10-29) serial fiction fantasy humor

Where can Andre's hat be, and how can he prepare food for the ravenous Clarissa without a proper chef's hat?

Dinner With Henry 79: The Sheer and Utter Morality of It All (2012-11-12) serial fiction fantasy humor

How many policemen do you have to eat before you stop thinking it's a good solution?

Dinner With Henry 80: Epiphany (2012-11-26) serial fiction fantasy

Is it true? Are two heads better than one?

Dinner With Henry 81: Bring Me the Head of Mel Torme (2012-12-10) serial fiction fantasy

Nevertheless, in these tough economic times, aren't we all trying to get ... ahead?

Dinner With Henry 82: Return of the Chickens (2012-12-24) serial fiction fantasy humor

Diego and Andre and Shakespeare are crazier than Henry the half-bug, and Simpson was crazier than them; Maria was crazier than Simpson with dynamite -- but who's crazier than all of them combined?

Dinner With Henry 83: The Day the Kitchen Stood Still (2013-01-07) serial fiction fantasy

Fransau and his skull collection have the kitchen crew between a rock and a hard place -- but they do have their kitchen ace in the hole ...

Dinner With Henry 84: Cause for Alarm (2013-02-04) serial fiction fantasy humor

The evil Fransau has the kitchen staff over a barrel: do they give him Clarissa, or do they lose Andre?

Dinner With Henry 85: Charm Song (2013-02-18) serial fiction fantasy

The horrid Fransau has been dispatched by Alarm's skates, saving the kitchen crew from cold-blooded murder ... more or less. There is still that body ...

Dinner With Henry 86: Diego Talks (2013-03-04) serial fiction fantasy humor

Things are strange on Delancey Street at the best of times, but things have been stranger lately, and Diego has some thinking to do ...

Dinner With Henry 87: She's Got Them First Day of School Blues (2013-03-18) serial fiction fantasy humor

Winifred has her first day at Bug School, and brings home a bit of a surprise ...

Dinner With Henry 88: Can't Get You Out of My Hair (2013-04-08) serial fiction fantasy humor

Fransau's gruesome end (in Chapter 84) may have been mostly forgotten by the kitchen staff, but little Winifred's plight and Maria's bad hair day are not enough of an excuse for failing to tie up loose ends ...

Dinner With Henry 89: Delanceyville (2013-04-29) serial fiction fantasy humor

They thought they got rid of the fiendish Fransau, but can it be that he is back from beyond his mysterious grave?

Dinner With Henry 90: Bug Day (2013-05-13) serial fiction fantasy humor

Oh, to be a bug, without cares or debts, flitting or hopping or buzzing about ...

Dinner With Henry 91: Maria Egg-Splains (2013-05-27) serial fiction fantasy humor

When things are flung to the floor, and secrets are tossed into the air, who will prove to be the craziest in the kitchen?

Dinner With Henry 92: Maria Maximus (2013-06-17) serial fiction fantasy humor

Asking Maria a question only raises more questions...and makes you wonder about her math.

Dinner With Henry 93: McHenry (2013-07-01) serial fiction fantasy humor

Things are never easy when your friend is a half-bug, but other things make life even harder. (And this editor sympathizes completely with Diego in this episode.)

Dinner With Henry 94: Don't Cry for Me, Patti LuPone (2013-07-22) serial fiction fantasy humor

What is it that a blind midget and a half-man, half-bug have in common?

Dinner With Henry 95: The Gulls (2013-08-05) serial fiction fantasy humor

Isn't that how the saying goes? "Life's a beach, and then you die?" Let's hope Diego doesn't remember that one...

Dinner With Henry 96:Home Alone (2013-08-19) serial fiction fantasy humor

Who knew that Diego felt this way?

Dinner With Henry 97: The Maria Conspiracy (2013-09-09) serial fiction fantasy humor

"Power-mad" -- that could be Maria's middle name...

Dinner With Henry 98: Z (2013-09-23) serial fiction fantasy humor

When you feel that being a son or daughter is a difficult position to hold, think of Henry -- and be glad your mother isn't a giant bug...

Dinner With Henry 99: Lesson Number One (2013-10-07) serial fiction fantasy humor

Winifred has to go to half-bug school, and the work load there is making this little girl-bug very unhappy. Can she find a solution?

Dinner With Henry 100: The Gathering, Part 1 (2013-10-28) serial fiction fantasy humor

The kitchen staff of a giant bug get together for a celebratory dinner. How crazy is it? Shakespeare the blind midget has words for that...

Dinner With Henry 101: The Gathering, Part 2 (2013-11-11) serial fiction fantasy humor

The ceiling has shattered, the dinner table ruined -- has Clarissa the giant bug come to eat them all?

Dinner With Henry 102: The Gathering, Part 3 (2013-11-25) serial fiction fantasy humor

The drunken giant bug has a disturbing memory to share with her kitchen staff...

Dinner With Henry 103: We're Fixing a Hole (2013-12-09) serial fiction fantasy humor

...a hole where a giant drunken bug fell in...

Dinner With Henry 104: Will the Real Santa Clause Please Sit Down (2013-12-23) serial fiction fantasy humor

Is he really unreal, or merely real in an unreal sort of reality?

Dinner With Henry 105: Street Fare (2014-01-20) serial fiction fantasy humor

Passion can get you in a lot of trouble -- even when it's just a passion for food...

Dinner With Henry 106: Take a Letter Maria (2014-02-03) serial fiction fantasy humor

Oh, goody, Maria's going to tell her friend about the kitchen! Let's look over her shoulder as she writes...

Dinner With Henry 107: Big Bad Mama (2014-02-17) serial fiction fantasy humor

Maybe when you're bigger than anyone else, your problems are, too?

Dinner With Henry 108: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (2014-03-03) serial fiction fantasy humor

Can a giant bug actually be in danger?

Dinner With Henry 109: Them There Eyes (2014-03-24) serial fiction fantasy humor

Maria has been convinced that the beagle wants her to kill Clarissa. Would being possessed by a demon dog actually be an improvement in Maria's temperament?

Dinner With Henry 110: Sometimes You Feel Like a Dog (2014-04-07) serial fiction fantasy humor

A dog with a mesmerizing stare has convinced Maria that her giant bug employer must die. Will it be by bomb? A bus? Something she eats?

Dinner With Henry 111: Lazy Afternoon (2014-04-28) serial fiction fantasy humor

It's so quiet in the kitchen on Delancey Street that you could almost forget why...

Dinner With Henry 112: A Brush with Maria (2014-05-12) serial fiction fantasy humor

And has Clarissa the Giant Bug eaten Maria for her repeated assassination attempts?

Dinner With Henry 113: Big Like Us (2014-05-26) serial fiction fantasy humor

Sometimes a giant bug needs to feel like she's not alone...

Dinner With Henry 114: The Key to Maria's Heart (2014-06-16) serial fiction fantasy humor

Nothing like giving Andre something else to obsess over...

Dinner With Henry 115: Home Alone With Shakespeare (2014-06-30) serial fiction fantasy humor

Andre, Maria. Andre, Clarissa. Maria, Clarissa. Andre, Andre, Andre. Not one more time...

Dinner With Henry 116: Epiphany (2014-09-01) serial fiction fantasy humor

"Dinner With Henry" is back after a summer break. Half-bug, half man, Henry must once again smooth out the lumps in this bizarre kitchen stew...

Dinner With Henry 117: Very Bad News (2014-09-15) serial fiction fantasy humor

Can there actually be worse news than finding out your employer is a giant bug? The kitchen crew thought they had seen it all.../

Dinner With Henry 118: Another Pleasant Valley Sunday (2014-09-29) serial fiction fantasy humor

Developers plan on tearing down the loft on Delancey Street. What happens when its main resident, the giant bug Clarissa, finds out?

Dinner With Henry 119: When Mama Gets Blue (2014-10-13) serial fiction fantasy humor

Urban re-development has struck again: Clarissa, the giant bug, and her employees will have to move from their warehouse on Delancey Street. Is there a viable option for them all?

Dinner With Henry 120: And They All Had a Real Swell Time (2014-10-27) serial fiction fantasy humor

Conclusion of a charming series. Henry, half-bug and half-man, takes his final bow.

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