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March 20, 2023

Articles by Dharmpal Mahendra Jain



Tomorrow When You Meet (2021-02-15) poem unrhymed

Dharm is a Toronto based Author. He mostly writes in Hindi and has five published books- three collections of satirical essays and two collections of Poetry.

Many a Thing Is Superfluous (2021-03-15) poem unrhymed

"Why would anyone need a brain?..."

I Am Scared (2021-04-12) poem unrhymed

"...There was a heart somewhere beating within you..."

Tacy, My Cat (2021-07-05) poem unrhymed

"...you dance and run, cling to my feet..."

Friday Evening (2021-08-02) poem unrhymed

"After so many years Friday evening arrives..."

Colors Beyond the Spectrum (2021-08-30) poem unrhymed

"...With closed eyes I search for you in the stars..."

O Earth (2022-07-04) poem unrhymed

"...the infinite possibility of knowledge..."

I Want To Listen (2022-08-01) poem unrhymed

Kids Don't Know (2022-09-05) poem unrhymed

"...Why do man's bones remain?..."

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