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July 08, 2024

Night Time 25

By Lydia Manx

Harry removed Leo's gag and the man began to sputter.

"It's not what you think!" It was all I could do to not giggle aloud at Leo Winters. It was pretty obvious what we thought. Louella was playing some hard action type sex games with Leo in his bedroom with his wife downstairs. I wasn't sure yet if Maria joined in, watched or simply pretended they were just having a nice game of tiddly-winks upstairs.

Harry simply wagged his index finger back and forth in front of Leo's face and waited for Leo to speak.

Leo dipped his eyes and blushed slightly saying, "Okay, so it is what you think."

That came as no shock to either Harry or me. I was impatient to get on with whatever it was we needed to do in order for this feeling to stop pushing at me. I sighed with exasperation. Listening to an old man whine about his perversions was not high on my to do list. I found my eyes finding Louella and I slowly licked my lips. What the hell was happening to me? I was thinking she was some sort of meal not a friend. I tapped my fingers on my arms, as I now had them wrapped tightly around my midsection, while trying to keep from dropping to the ground and tearing at her.

Harry stepped back from the bed and put an arm around me drawing me to his side. His touch was welcome. Even though he was half embracing me all I felt was safe and now very hungry. Harry had changed me in some way. I thought I could hear his thoughts and feel his emotions running over me like a soft touch. I shuddered softly enjoying this newfound closeness. Harry was protecting and guiding me. I should have been running from such overly familiarity but somehow it was right.

"Gwendolyn, relax. We will work this out." Easy for him to say. He had already slaughtered someone this evening. I found my brain bouncing with that thought and gasped. What was wrong with me? Had Misty jumped bodies and was she pushing her cruel weird streak on me? I didn't usually think this way. I decided that it must be the shock of all the deaths in my path lately. Even as that thought flit across my mind another one pushed slyly in with, What if this was who I truly was? With that I shook my head briskly trying to dismiss the strange otherly voice of mine in my mind. It didn't work. I kept hearing whispers of not so nice comments and unwanted advice from a dark spot in my head I hadn't even known I possessed. I shrugged out from Harry's arm and tried to speak rationally. Turning to him I replied.

"Relax?" I put as much dry sarcasm into the word as possible. Mentally I shoved down my impulses to run to Louella and claw at her. Claw at her? Again I was wondering what was causing such thoughts to run amok in my brain. I was not normally a violent girl. But I couldn't tell by the way my current thoughts were going and how my hands were now involuntarily clenching on my arms. Louella caught some of my thoughts from her huddled little corner. I knew this because she started making these odd keening sounds that made all of me tremble with an unspoken hunger. She sounded like a wounded animal and whatever predatory thoughts spun into my eyes were causing her to act like the perfect prey.

Harry wasn't done with Leo. Leaving my side he went to look at the man strung over his bed. It was then I noticed that Leo was stretched so he barely could touch the top of the sheet. Any movements he made tightened the bindings and pulled him up a whisper higher off the sheet. There was a riding crop on the nightstand between him and Louella. The jar of oil next to it was probably what he had slathered over his skin. The scent of almonds drifted to me and my mind picked up that this was a pain-filled sexual romp involving some serious playacting. I really didn't mean to look but there was something captivating about seeing such unusual sexual play. Louella really knew how to pick them.

Leo was watching us with glittering eyes and he licked his lips softly saying, "Can you cut me down now?"

Harry bristled at the cantankerous question -- it was more of a demand as far as I was concerned. With a slight sigh Harry backhanded the man hard and said, "Why did you and Maria overstep?" Wisely Leo refrained from replying. But I did see the strike just caused more enjoyment. Harry growled softly and I saw his fangs had reemerged.

Okay, Harry got to play first. I got that. Then I pulled into myself at that vicious thought. Something was seriously wrong here. I thought Harry deserved a turn... then what? My subconscious was definitely working on cluing me in but nothing I was figuring out made any sense.

But then maybe I didn't want the odd thoughts and turns of my mind to make any sense. There really had been too many changes flung out in my path in the past few days. And from how this evening was going I didn't think that my life would suddenly shoot back to normal anytime soon. I looked back to see Leo trembling. Not with excitement, but full of fear. Again that was making me very hungry. His fear was a thick odor in the room nearly room overpowering the smell of that scented baby oil and unspoken acts of sex. Teeth bared Harry was leaning in close to Leo's silk bound figure asking, "Why?" again to the silent old man.

Stumbling with words, "We thought -- "

Harry arched an eyebrow and laughed. It was that nasty laugh that made my skin crawl. It made Leo stop talking mid sentence.

Sputtering Leo continued, "Sire, I was wrong."

That said he lifted his chin exposing his neck. "Do as you need, Master. I have made an error." The old man's neck was nearly as unappealing as the rest of his body. At one time he had been extremely large, but old age and unnamed illnesses had pared down his body leaving excess skin and his lovely personality of hate and poison. I could see he had recently shaved from the lack of stubble on the neck he had revealed to Harry. Leo was always perfectly groomed at any hour, I had noticed over the years. The thought of his carefully drawing a sharply edged blade across his face in anticipation of rubbing his cheeks over Louella's soft body was again making me thirsty for something unknown. I glanced at Louella, noticing Leo had yet to mark her body as she had his. Her skin glowed where I could see it and the veins were pulsing blue, calling me from underneath her smooth white skin.

Again that scary laugh and Harry said, "You will serve us quite well."

And with that he deliberately slashed a razor sharp fingernail across Leo's throat slicing deeply through the chicken waddle around his neck exposing flesh and blood and then he incanted some rituals I didn't understand. Harry slowly pulled me to the pulsing corpse and continued to talk and invoke. I felt Harry's mouth on my neck and simply sighed and whimpered softly at the feelings running through my body. I began to spin as Harry drank from me and my body felt the splash of Leo's blood coating my face and chest. I throbbed with needs and passions I didn't know. Harry continued to sip and whisper foreign words over me. I felt my heart stop.

His fear was a thick odor in the room, nearly room overpowering the smell of that scented baby oil and unspoken acts of sex. Teeth bared Harry was leaning in close to Leo's silk bound figure asking, "Why?" again to the silent old man. "What now?" I carefully asked around the fangs that had dropped into my mouth. Since I had braces as a kid I was used to strange devices in my mouth and the extra teeth were a slight distraction but not something beyond my abilities.

"She is yours to take. Stop before you are full," that was his only caution.

Intoxicated by the thoughts spinning in my head I slowly sunk my teeth into her neck. I thought the skin should have been thicker and resist my bite but to my amazement my teeth simply sunk though her skin as if I was cutting butter with a hot knife. I felt her mind flow into mine. She was experiencing more pleasure than she knew what to do with and she wiggled with more delight as I supped. The affection I felt for her was that one had for a pet. She was pleased at my attention as I continued to savor the flow of her blood. I felt a humming through my body. I wanted to have this feeling last forever. Harry came to us and simply put his hand on my face saying, "Enough, Gwendolyn. Let her go. Fill her head with thoughts of affection and safety."

Groggy, I did as Harry asked. He walked to the bed and untied Louella. She murmured and rubbed her body around while he removed the gag. Her eyes were huge once her hands were free she was panting slightly while rubbing her hands up and down herself. Her stroking and caressing was rubbing Leo's blood over all of her body. It made me tingle in the mouth and hunger to finish her off. I turned away and fell off the bed before she could touch me. I didn't have any thoughts for her past the pleasure at her blood sustaining something in me. I no longer felt the aches and pains that had been plaguing me since I had awoke earlier bruised and throbbing. The throbbing had stopped and I felt calmer than I had for as long as I could remember. Maybe even longer -- it was a welcome feeling.

"Take me. Oh god, please," was the first words out of her mouth. Harry shook his head and touched her forehead while saying, "Sleep, you have served us well."

He murmured some more things into her ear that I could barely hear. He was telling her this was all just an erotic dream and Leo had left her in a hurry -- unsatisfied like usual. Once she woke she was to go back to her place and forget about Leo since he was a useless old man. She nodded sleepily while still touching herself. I guess it wasn't a farfetched scenario for Louella and she seemed okay with Harry's suggestions.

With her hands still framing her body she fell asleep. I stood next to the bed and saw that Harry had dumped Leo's body into the corner that Louella had been cowering in when we had arrived. I smiled at the irony and was happy Leo was dead. I was glad I didn't have to kill Louella. She was still smiling in her slumber.

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2006-01-30
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