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May 13, 2024

Night Time 36

By Lydia Manx

My next door neighbors were continuing with their sex romp.

"Vinny, don't stop!" Melinda continued to scream out directions. Vinny was muttering about he was going to go and she screamed out for him to wait. I continued to look in the closet and figured that jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt could be discarded if I got splattered. I began to change as I could hear them as they continued to discuss loudly what ever was in their pea-brained heads. It was really getting on my nerves and I wasn't sure I could wait much longer for Harry.

The tapping on the door was barely audible but pulling the t-shirt over my head I smiled knowing it was Harry. I checked first and saw Harry standing there waiting patiently for me to open up the door. Vinny and Melinda were going for extra innings I noticed. The headboard was banging out their ill-timed motion against our shared wall. I was cringing slightly at the sounds drifting into my room as I let an anxious Harry inside asking him, "Yes?"

He said, "Glad you waited. I figured Art was never coming out of the bathroom after I sort of growled at him when you hung up on me, again."

I should have felt bad but knew Harry wasn't mad at me just worried. Art must have caught some of the stress Harry was radiating after I hung up on him. The thought of how Harry must have growled amused me. I pondered if teeth were involved or not. Mine were still present and I didn't care if Harry saw them. After all he literally made me what I was.

Vinny-boy must have brought a tape with him to slide into something Melinda had carried in with all those heavy bags because suddenly the walls began to vibrate and thump with some lousy disco tune. Harry looked at me wide eyed and asked, "How long has this been going on?"

"Since the parking lot? Too long." I simply replied.

Harry shuddered, "That is disco!"

I looked at him and simply arched an eyebrow.

"Yes, you are right. They deserve to go." Harry seemed to pause and think about the logistics.

"Okay, the blizzard is working in our favor. We can do this and not get caught." He finally came out with while pacing back and forth.

"I don't care. As long as we don't have to hear this music much longer." I was more than a bit tired of the thumping and obvious grinding carrying into my room. The cats didn't seem to notice. They had barely lifted their faces when Harry had bounced in and were curled tightly into each other.

Harry wasn't done. He kept pacing while trying to come up with what ever was bugging him. Finally he stopped and turned saying, "Gwendolyn, you can't keep going around draining anyone who irritates you. You need to learn how to curb your hungers while still being discreet. You aren't thinking about what will happen if you get caught or one of your victims is discovered. It's my fault. I haven't taught you all you need to know. I hadn't planned on turning you so quickly, much less with so much chaos surrounding us. This is not the way we become vampires. This is an aberration. Hell, it is more than that. It is pretty much against the rules." Here he simply laughed and shook his head.

"Sure, Harry. Can we go drain them now?" I was impatient. Only half-hearing what Harry was trying to say.

"Listen to me, Gwendolyn, this is not a simple game of tag. A quick brush of the fingertip and now you're it. I have opened an entire new world to you. There is no 'do over' if you screw it up. No 'time outs' for a quick checking in with your mom to see what's for dinner. That part of your life is gone. Forever. I can't get it back for you. Ever. There is no magic spell to make all your pain go away." Harry had continued his slow pacing while he drilled into me with his words and his eyes.

I was starting to listen. And I was remembering what was lost to me. He wasn't exactly helping calm me down. If anything, I was more furious than I had been. Vinny and Melinda were actively coaching each other to climax with some very direct wording and still bad music blaring. Their noise had wakened the couple on the other side and soon I was listening to stereo headboards banging on both sides of my room.

Harry was trying to keep me focused on his words and I could tell he wanted me to shut out the obvious distraction.

I wasn't having much success in ignoring the impact of the boards on the thin walls. Neither coupling had a steady pace but both sides were giving it their best efforts from the muted "Oh damn, now!" from the unknown couple and Melinda's "Give it all to me, Vinny!"

Melinda screamed out her pleasure and the other gal whimpered her loss. I guess Vinny did have his uses. Anger rolled over from the quieter pair and the man was quite pleased thinking he was satisfied. His date was less than thrilled much less satisfied. I could feel their emotions rolling over me if I concentrated. Harry noticed I was less than attentive to his lecture.

"Look at me." Harry used that voice. Both cats arched their backs and rose from their entwined nap then casually sauntered over to the edge of the bed closest to Harry. They purred and talked. They were looking at him even if I wasn't. El Diablo nudged Banshee away to get to Harry first.

Harry pulled me over to the cat's bed and sat me down next to the curious felines. They rubbed against me muttering and marking me as theirs. Harry pushed my hair out of my face and said, "Gwendolyn, we do need to let you feed but this can't get out of hand. You need to wait for me before attempting to drink. You easily can make fatal errors. Not just for you but for your victim. Damn, there is so much I need to teach you." He was upset by his inability to explain vampires to me. Not like I could help him tutor me on care and feeding of vampires but I did have to admire his attempt to explain vampires in general. Not that he had told me much once I really gave it a thought.

I shrugged. Like I had said, he made me thus. Not like I had a rule book or anything. That reminded me, "Harry, is there like a rule book for being a vampire?"

He laughed and shook his head.

"No, it's not written down. That is my job. If you make a vampire you are supposed to teach and guide your fledgling." He looked serious and Banshee purred and rubbed against him in support.

"Okay, but I really need to get a bite to eat," I grinned illustrating my point. He sighed.

"Which ones are your intended victims?" Like he didn't already know?

I took a deep breath and began to reason out my obvious choice. It was like the air was scented with the information for me to simply read.

"Cheating couple next door. I doubt seriously anyone knows they are even there and besides they are using fake names each time they register. Add in that they rarely stay the whole night so if they aren't there in the morning the innkeepers won't suspect anything. With the blizzard ongoing we can leave them out in the woods or something and their deaths will be attributed to the storm." I replied slowly.

Again Harry had coaxed more words out of me than I had expected. I guess becoming a vampire made me more verbal? I just knew I was right. The two would never be missed. I waited to see if he agreed with my vague plan. He stroked Banshee, to her delight, while he thought about what I had told him.

"Everything you said is right, Gwendolyn, but how do you expect to get them to open the door and let you in?"

Damn, this wasn't something I had thought all the way through. It was a great question. Then something Cinda had said pushed its way to the front of my head. I looked cute and innocent. She always taunted me for looking so deceivingly angelic and good no matter what I was doing. Being a vampire I wasn't quite sure where I fell into the good versus evil equation yet but that would eventually shake itself out I figured. Now of course, she liked that trait in me and used it more than once to keep us out of trouble when we had been up to no good. Which given Cinda and all her peculiarities that was more than once or twice.

Then it hit me how to get inside.

Grinning at Harry I said, "Watch me and come in when you know I am ready."

I reached up to my t-shirt and tore it at the neckline. The ragged hunk fell forward revealing my white lacey bra and slight curve of my breast. I went to my make-up case and began to apply some heavy liner and too much overall color. Now I looked like a gal a tad bit on the edge in distress. I ruffled my hair and turned to an amazed Harry saying, without any fangs, "Do I look like bait now?"

He gulped and nodded. Not before I noticed his fangs had descended a little in response to my look. And he already knew I was a vampire. Yeah. This would work.

I grinned, my fangs had snuck back down, and I headed for the door. Harry offered me a smile and I went to see how my look played for the occupants of 220. I knocked rapidly on the door with my clenched fist. That was when I discovered vampires had a bit heavier of a hand than humans. My fist made a resounding thud against the hard door. Nobody bothered to peek out the fisheye lens but simply opened the door. Not surprisingly it was Vinny. He was clad in his gold chains and a pair of half buttoned jeans. His silky shirt had hidden his small pot belly and a heavy line of hair from his navel downward. Not the best visual but what I had. I trembled my bottom lip and looked up with my big heavily mascara lashed eyes to Vinny's half opened ones.

"What?" He was as smooth as I expected. He never even glanced to my face I had taken so much time to decorate because he was busy ogling my exposed breast. Sort of what I figured would happen if he opened the door. Melinda would have seen my artfully made up face and been asking what was wrong with me. Vinny was trying to figure out how to get me in bed with Melinda and him. Gross.

I stumbled against the door and inadvertently brushed my hand against Vinny's chest. Okay, it was on purpose and as I saw him suck in his stomach I knew I got his attention. More attention than I wanted but I would deal with it. Using my hand I pushed him backwards into the room and away from me. I shut the door behind me and leaned against it denying Vinny the chance to lock and bolt the door.

"I am sorry." I heaved my chest up and down while saying that in a breathless tone. It worked his eyes were following me and not noticing I had kept him from locking Harry out. His mistake but then he had made more than a few of them.

Speaking of mistakes I looked over to see Melinda clutching the sheet to her neck saying, "Why are you here? Did Karen send you?"

I put on my innocent look and asked, "Karen? Who's Karen?"

Vinny growled and looked at Melinda. "Knock it off, Melinda. She's been hurt. Can't you tell?"

I was amazed he could. Melinda sucked in her cheeks giving her already narrow face a less attractive aspect than the one she already possessed. Melinda was far rougher than I had noticed looking through the peek hole of my room. I ventured a mental guess she was celebrating a milestone birthday. And it wasn't her fortieth from my memory of how my friends' moms looked. She was pushing closer to the discounted senior meals than she had told Vinny. Vinny, on the other hand, was only in his mid-thirties. Which explained why he wanted me to join them, I gathered from his chaotic thoughts that his wife Karen was also well into the middle age range. Vinny liked to marry and toy with older women for the money. He liked his girls younger. He was pretty creepy overall. I looked younger than twenty-one and he was aroused by my vulnerable look.

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2006-04-17
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