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June 17, 2024

Night Time 46

By Lydia Manx

"Freeze!" The command thundered into the room. I shouldn't have been greatly surprised, but sure enough another body had slid into the room -- a human one. Three vampires with fangs and attitude and one stupid human with only a gun to protect her. Erika was defiantly standing with her gun between her hands. I had to admire her stance and that she wasn't shaking. Not in the least. She had the gun pointed directly at Mitch.

"It's okay, Erika, please put the weapon down." Harry purred while blotting the line of blood along his hand with a very white handkerchief. The blood quickly slowed and my heart rate did too. Erika had yet to obey Harry I noticed. But Mitch had stiffened and edged a bit to the right.

That could not be good. It wasn't. In a blur of movement Mitch removed the gun from Erika's hands. She countered with a sharp cutting motion with her right hand towards his neck. Had he been human that shot would have probably slowed him down, instead he laughed and twisted her hand downwards and had her on her knees. She lashed out with her leg attempting the same leg sweep I failed to do on Mitch just a few minutes ago. He leaped and snapped a hand back to her face and brushed her forehead as she swung back and hit him squarely in the stomach. Exactly where I had tapped him and he winced.

"Enough!" Now it was Harry's turn to thunder. He reached behind the two and yanked the door shut. In time with the door slamming was my bunny rabbit neighbors beginning round three or four of sex games. The moaning from Helen was not enjoyment but pain. To my disgust it excited me and both Harry and Mitch. It was a natural reaction to such waves of emotions. Erika was trembling slightly but still ready to go another round with Mitch. Then she noticed we all were sporting extra long teeth. She sucked in her breath and said, "Sure thing!"

Her hands went up in the recognizable surrender sign and we all relaxed.

Had to give it to Erika, she handled the three sets of fangs pointed at her pretty well. I figured she must have had an idea about Harry but now seeing two more had to push at her mental thoughts about the natural order of the universe. I don't recall any vampires on the flash cards in my kindergarten and from the slightly larger whites of her eyes she wasn't completely sure of us either. In spite of her 'sure thing' exclamation she wasn't convincing me she was giving up that easy. If I was Mitch I would watch out for Erika. But since I wasn't too fond of him I wasn't going to go out of my way to help him unless it would do something for me. I was still smarting from the tumbling I took with Mitch.

"What's with Lynn's cats?" Erika asked while staring at El Diablo and Banshee. I avoided the obvious reply, after all they weren't my cats! I let Harry soothe Erika. Mitch had yet to give Erika back her gun, I'd noticed. Banshee and El Diablo were leaning against me and marking my pants with loud rumbling purrs of delight. I was happy to see no obvious signs of their clawing and biting Harry and Mitch. They weren't always so careful when mauling, I had noticed.

Harry said, "They are having issues with all of Gwendolyn's new friends." He grinned over at Mitch and dabbed the last bit of blood off his hand. I found myself drawn to the scent and wanted to lick his hand. I shook myself and tried to remain calm. Mitch wasn't fooled and smiled still fanged.

"Harry, I mean, I know I don't really want to ask you this but," Erika fidgeted a bit and continued, "You realize all three of you have fangs out, right?" Her tone was rough and I could tell it cost her to actually ask that outright.

"Since we are all vampires it is pretty much a prerequisite," Mitch slid an evil grin to Erika and waited to see which way she would jump.

She pulled out her trusty squirt gun from inside her jacket and quickly pointed it right in Mitch's face saying, "Not a step closer. Harry is allowed to come near me. Lynn, you too. But this one is wrong."

I thought it was a good call. Alas, it was a mistake. And quickly Mitch proved me right. He punched her hard in the face and ripped the squirt gun from her hands. She would have a bruise for sure. I wasn't sure how much more Erika could take being hurt. The head trauma from the car accident still had to be ringing her bell. Mitch's shot to her head didn't help.

"Okay, but I didn't step closer," Mitch held up the holy water filled squirt gun like it was toxic. Which was true, he had simply reached and punched. He had a long reach and a wicked left hook.

Rubbing her face she reluctantly agreed, "Okay, Mitch, but I still don't want you close to me."

Me, either, but I doubted I would be given the choice. Mitch was supposed to be in charge of me despite the little clashes I knew I would have to go back with him and find out how to become a good little vampire. I was definitely taking the cats with me.

"Well, gang, this is certainly fun but can you all stop." I was sick of the whole mess. This constant challenging and fighting was not a good feeling. A good feeling was sucking down a vein full of warm blood and being flooded with the emotions of my victim. I was still aware of Helen and Ernie pounding away in the next room. Helen was hurting and afraid she would never be able to walk again while Ernie was empty of much more than lust. He didn't much care that Helen was still wiggling in discomfort but pushed and pulled as he needed. Both of them were delicious.

Harry noticed I was distracted and said, "Gwendolyn, you okay?"

I was far from okay but I nodded.

"This battling and posturing has to stop," I added to my nod.

Harry sided with me saying, "Yes, it does. Mitch, you know how much Gwendolyn means to me and the future."

Here I was stunned to see Mitch nod and adapt a serious expression. It was the first adult look I had seen cross Mitch's features. He was not a serious sort of person from what I had noticed and he liked to hit women. That alone made me bristle. Then something hit me hard. What the hell did Harry mean 'the future'? It was like I was somehow important to Harry and vampires in general. That wasn't something I was overly crazy to hear. I just wanted to get along with my new blood sucking existence, such as it was, and survive. Do vampires survive? My brain popped in and out around that dilemma for a moment and I focused on Erika. She was beginning to look agitated.

Harry caught my concern and asked, "Erika, what's wrong?"

She began to pace and walk around the already cramped room. She pulled out her cigarettes. Harry naturally flicked his lighter for her and she was soon trailed by a gray film. I didn't even miss cigarettes all those years of smoking and poof gone with a simple change. Okay, hell, I had a totally new craving running my mind that had absolutely nothing to do with inhaling smoke.

"Let's see. You are all vampires. I got that you were a bit different, Harry. Thus my having holy water in a squirt gun after all. But now I find out you aren't the only one. Here is little Lynn sucking blood and this new guy Mitch. Nothing personal, Mitch, but you are one scary man. Just that there is something about those freaky eyes of yours. Add in we now have Lynn's kitties looking very creepy and ready to shred anyone who gets in their way."

Both cats preened and looked very pleased at the comment. I had to hand it to the cats; they were definitely something -- Erika was right. I waited to see what more Erika was upset about. I knew upset was an understatement but that was good enough.

"Lynn, I get that you may have had some odd things happening to you with your mom's death and all, but now you're sporting the same fangs I've seen Harry sneak out now and then. I pretty much ignored them figuring I was losing my mind but now there are three of you and I think I am looking like lunch."

She had a valid point, and we had six stronger points as it were. She puffed nervously. Harry nodded slowly and said, "But Erika you are protected by me. You should know that by now. Mitch is here to help us."

Erika laughed, "Sure, that is why he's humming over there looking like a big giant spider on a web. He may be your friend and possibly Lynn's, but I have my doubts about that, and he certainly isn't mine."

I had to agree with her but then nobody was asking me.

Helen screamed out her pain as her mate jammed into her a final thrust and Ernie sighed his release loudly. I was not in favor of my neighbors staying around through the rest of this blizzard but I doubted we could get away with killing off the clients both sides of me and not attract some sort of attention. Harry caught my eye and shook his head slowly in agreement. I guess I wasn't draining them either. I looked over to see Mitch laughing at me.

I knew he was. It wasn't like there was anything being said but I could feel the undercurrents running around the room. Erika was trying to pretend her head wasn't throbbing but not convincing any of us. And she had it right about him resembling a giant spider sitting on a web. And even though she thought I was possibly safe, I knew better. There was definitely a vibe that was not ideal for me. Mitch wasn't overly fond of babysitting and he saw me basically as just a baby vampire -- and expendable. Decidedly this was not good for me as far as I could tell.

Harry caught the various undercurrents and confronted his buddy, "Okay, Mitch, you aren't exactly giving the gals here any warm and happy thoughts. Both of them think you will kill them given a chance."

Mitch looked thoughtful and nodded, "Well, Harry, you are basically right."

I looked right at Erika and raised an eyebrow. My fangs were definitely in plain view. Erika glared at Mitch, who was still keeping her holy water filled squirt gun and shrugged while finishing up one cigarette and lighting her next one without flinching. Mitch was pretty calm, all things considered. Harry was stunned by his friend's reply. I wasn't surprised in the least.

The cats were arched and rubbing against my legs making loud comments. As reassuring as it was, I was still aware of the undercurrents. Silent, both Mitch and Harry had some sort of conversation running. I didn't hear a whisper of what they were saying, I did try to listen, instead I heard Helen contemplating killing Ernie. It was all I could do to stay in place and not head next store and offer my help.

I really needed to stop this roller coaster soon. Erika whimpered as Mitch had moved closer to her. Harry was stunned while I was ready to jump. This couldn't end well.

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2006-07-03
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