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July 22, 2024

Night Time 37

By Lydia Manx

Melinda was less than pleased when Vinny asked, "Why don't you come in and tell us what's wrong?" He sketched a hand backwards inviting me further into their room.

"Where's your coat? Don't you know there's a blizzard out there?" Melinda glared at Vinny as if her glance alone could make him leave my side where he was hovering trying to resist touching me. Slowly I leaned up against the desk in the corner having no desire to touch more than I had to inside their room. I didn't need to be leaving fingerprints since after my mom's murder the FBI had taken my prints for elimination. I did wonder if those prints were conveniently lost during the shuffle by Harry. I made a mental note to ask next time my life slowed down.

Looking straight at Melinda I stammered, "I am sorry to interrupt you and your husband. I tried other doors but nobody would open them. I was getting so cold." I shivered slightly and watched Vinny get a slack jawed look on his face. I don't think he had a clue what my face looked like but it wasn't going to save him. Vinny definitely thought himself quite the ladies' man. Melinda was trying unsuccessfully to keep her dignity while wearing little more than a white bed sheet and her anger.

Now that I was in the room I was going much slower. I was enjoying the fear rushing over me from Melinda. My youth and vulnerability was creating worries in Melinda's fluff filled head. This close I found out how stupid Melinda really was. She was worried about everything and nothing important. Her initial anger at Vinny from earlier had faded in the passion but she was now comparing her body to mine and amplifying her deficiencies and seeing me as far more than I certainly was. Vampire traits aside I wasn't some gorgeous creature but I was just younger than Melinda by nearly thirty years. That was enough to cause delicious waves of fear and that nasty bit of anger. Vinny was not thinking of much more than writing his own letter to Penthouse with some embellishments if he could talk me into all the sick acts running through his mind.

"She's not my wife," Vinny felt compelled to say while still checking my cleavage for whatever imperfection he thought was possibly marring my chest. It was another poor choice as it brought to Melinda's attention she was sleeping with a married man on her birthday and now there was yet another female involved. Okay, I was going to be involved differently than either of them ever dreamed. But that was my little secret. Well, mine and Harry. As if summoned by the simple thought Harry slid into the room silently locking the door behind him. Vinny and Melinda missed his sure footed entrance as they were turned towards me in the opposite corner of the room. A warm feeling ran over my body. It was just seeing how Harry moved with stealth and purpose that made me shiver with delight.

Melinda mistook my trembling for fear. She snarled, "This child doesn't care if you are married to me or not. She was just being polite, which is more than I can say for you staring at her like that. Can't you see she is freezing?"

He gulped and shook his head slowly before he sleazed out with, "I certainly can warm her up."

Another stupid comment but the response came from a different source.

"Not your job," Harry growled while standing behind Vinny. Vinny spun startled by the voice and the hand on his shoulder. Harry simply pushed down and Vinny was on his knees awkwardly sprawled at my feet.

"Quite true," I said while taking my fingernail and tipping Vinny's face upwards. He met my eyes for the first time. Fear rolled off of him when he finally saw me. I wasn't flashing my fangs but my eyes must have been something more than he expected. Vinny whimpered and Melinda launched herself naked from the bed at Harry.

Harry was expecting that and simply flipped the woman onto the floor next to Vinny. She crumpled in embarrassment and I bit back a laugh. I walked to the foot of the bed and plucked her light yellow cotton robe from the crumbled pile of dingy clothing scattered there. I tossed it at her head and she clumsily caught it and from a sitting position shoved her arms into the sleeves and belted it in the middle with the attached sash.

The robe was more for my piece of mind than to comfort Melinda. She simpered at me her thanks but I didn't care. I wanted the fear back and then I wanted to drink somebody dry. Harry caught my thought and sighed deeply. I shrugged my apology but he and I both knew it wasn't very sincere.

Vinny bristled from his submissive position, "Who the hell are you?"

Harry laughed, "A good question."

Again no answer but then Vinny was trying to maintain his dignity while looking like a complete fool.

Melinda struggled to her feet and fell onto the bed saying, "Yes, who are you people?" She was nearly hysterical and I was enjoying the waves of emotion.

I looked over to Melinda who was clutching the nape of her robe to her throat like a Victorian maiden and suppressed my amusement. This woman was too much. Here she was having this tawdry affair with a married man and pretending she was some virginal innocent. Her sense of self-delusion was stunning.

"Your worst nightmare," I said softly. Vinny pushed himself from the floor and joined his lover on the bed. Since Harry had removed his hand from Vinny's shoulder it was an awkward and graceless move. Harry now stood between the pair and the door. Not that either of them had even glanced at the exit. They were enjoying the drama and deluded enough to think they would be surviving this whole little jaunt.

Vinny laughed with false bravado, "You are in my dreams but definitely not my nightmares." He just couldn't leave well enough alone. Harry growled deep back in his throat. Melinda began with, "Excuse me, it's my birthday." She was pouting.

I glanced at the clock on the nightstand and said, "Not any more." Sure enough it was long after midnight. Melinda whined, "Well, it was. And Vinny, you shouldn't be hitting on this child."

Harry smiled, a hint of fang showing, to me, "Yes, Vinny. She's not yours to play with at all."

I wisely kept my mouth shut. Any sort of protest at this point was going to be taken wrong by someone. And I really was barely holding onto my sanity as it was with these two fools so ripe.

Melinda didn't know enough to keep hers shut she quickly snapped out, "Vinny, tell these people to leave."

"Melinda, I don't think so," So Vinny was a bit smarter than he appeared.

He immediately made that thought a lie as he placed a hand on Melinda's knee saying, "Perhaps we can find some arrangement to meet all of our needs and pleasures." His face was tilted in a quizzical manner and I wanted to tear his skin off. Melinda simpered and said, "Yes, that would be good." It was obvious she was his pawn.

Harry smiled and now his teeth were definitely of the fanged variety. But both Vinny and Melinda were too stupid to even notice. Vinny had begun to softly fondle Melinda under her robe in front of us. Harry shook his head in total amazement. It was like we were just part of their own personal floor show. Their fear had dropped back down and they were now getting all hot and bothered with us in the room.

I looked to Harry and smiled, "So you have any suggestions here?"

He laughed while ignoring their bad manners. "I can think of a few things we could do to entertain ourselves."

My imagination was launched and I laughed outright. There was little to amuse me but just the way Harry said that caught my attention. Melinda and Vinny were too preoccupied to even notice us. That was their mistake.

Vinny's eyes were half open as he pawed at Melinda. He slurred to us, "Come join us. We are all consenting adults here, right?"

Since a few minutes ago both he and Melinda had thought I was just a child I found that disgusting. They had fallen back onto the bedding and were stroking all over each other. Melinda was softly moaning and starting to give directions in an irritating voice to Vinny. She was dead the moment she said a word to either Harry or me. This was a mercy killing. As it dawned on him that they wanted us to join them in bed his eyes began to glitter.

"I don't know, Vincent," Harry really liked full names I had noticed. He still only called me Gwendolyn and now Vinny got full use of his name. Harry continued, "Are you and Melinda consenting to whatever, Gwendolyn and I wish?"

Melinda was busy pulling Vinny to her chest to say much more than, "Yes."

Vinny-boy got far too excited for my comfort at that notion but took his face off Melinda's exposed breast long enough to say, "Hell, yes man. You two are awesome. Come on, let's get this party going." I really didn't need to see Melinda's body again. I reached over Vinny and covered Melinda with her robe while Harry rounded the bed. He understood he would get Melinda and I would be taking Vinny. I was a bit nervous since this was my first real blood victim. I did have his consent. Okay, so he thought he was getting sex. Not my fault he failed to ask the right questions.

Looking at me as I was still leaning over him Vinny pushed up further from his side of the queen sized bed and said, "Now this is more like it." His eyes were focused on my breast half falling out of my torn shirt.

His back was to Melinda as she started to lash out at his tone. Harry was now sitting next to her on the other side of the bed and tipped her face up so he was meeting her eyes directly with his. She began to moan softly at something deep inside his eyes. Her lashes fluttered down and he winked at me as he stretched her neckline out with a carefully turned hand. She gasped with pleasure as Harry was fang deep in her neck. Obviously Harry was giving her the lovely thoughts while he drank.

Vinny had begun to unbutton his jeans, erroneously thinking that was where I wanted to be playing. He was completely unaware of Melinda's impending death to his back. He reached back with one of his hands to grab her flaying legs saying, "Give me a minute with this one first, Melinda, I know it's your birthday. I promise to give you a treat." His fingers left white impressions on her skin and Melinda was beyond caring what Vinny was doing.

I now knew Vinny wasn't wearing anything underneath the jeans without a doubt and my hand caught his before he could finish his stripping.

"Stop," I said softly.

Vinny looked at me with sex-drunk eyes. He really didn't even need me at this point to finish what his mind had already started. He was well past a stopping point.

"Ah," he panted out excitedly looking at my small hand barely holding him inside, "Oh, I get it you want to finish me off."

Well, I guess he was right in a way. I could feel Harry chuckling as he continued to suck the now silent Melinda dry. I avoided looking at him since I knew I would begin to laugh and Vinny didn't strike me as the type who could handle a woman laughing in bed.

Earlier when I drank from Louella it was a sort of bonding and she got to live afterwards having enjoyed my sipping from her. And while the blood drenched body and the experience from Leo Winters' death was my vampiric birthing of a sort this was truly going to be my beginning. I had no need to keep Vinny alive or any care if I filled his head with sweet thoughts and nice images while I drained him. I was allowed to be my own type of vampire. That gave me a definite warm and fuzzy feeling.

"Yes," I said carefully over my fangs, "I want definitely to finish you off."

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2006-05-01
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