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May 20, 2024

Night Time 38

By Lydia Manx

Since Vinny had asked me to finish him off who was I to deny him his wishes?

With that I began to run my fingernails on my hand that had been resting on top of him from the nearly open jeans upwards. As I ran my nails over his stomach I pushed down scraping off some skin. Five lines of blood trailed up and I licked my lips. He watched me touching him and hissed out his pleasure at my rough play. He moaned, "Oh, damn you are even sexier than you look. Hey, Melinda, are you watching? This is what I mean about foreplay. God, you are killing me here." Melinda had ceased watching anything in this world and her eyes had rolled back. Well someone was already dead in this bed. Harry was now biting his lip to keep from laughing. I avoided him again and concentrated on my meal.

Vinny was quite enjoying the pain and now it was my turn to change that. I stopped at his chest and lifted my hand to my mouth. Slowly I licked my fingernails. His blood was rich with the normal coppery flavor and so much more. I could taste the betrayal of his pathetic wife and Melinda. I wasn't the only little girl he had lusted after recently. The reason he was late was he stopped off to top off his next door neighbors fifteen year old. She had been a virgin until she had been seduced by him last summer. He liked to have the kid's taste on his lips when he visited Melinda. The other bits and pieces of his sociopathic existence colored the flavor. It was intoxicating and I knew I would enjoy every drop of this creature.

He groaned loudly and said, "Hell, you could teach me something, I'd bet, little girl. Man, I know she's not mine but what would you need like to let me keep her for a while?" Harry had settled the now deceased Melinda under the covers and looked over at me with an arched eyebrow at Vinny's negotiating technique.

"Vincent, I don't own her. You made your deal with her. You said you were up for anything as I recall. You gave her your permissions." Harry's reply was dry and I caught the humor even if Vinny was clueless.

"Man, she can have whatever she wants." Vinny was not paying very much attention to his surroundings as his imagination had begun to fill with more creepy fantasies and darker desires. Harry had moved off the bed and was now over by the door.

Vinny noticed Harry moving away and asked, "Oh, you going to get something to use? We have a few toys over in the bags. Help yourself. Damn, what did you do to Melinda? I never can keep her from yapping this long." I distracted him by placing my forefinger deep into his chin tilting him away from Harry and the door, not to mention the chilling body of his lover.

Harry chuckled saying, "It's all in the technique."

I avoided laughing and let my fangs descend longer. I knew what to do but wanted to prolong it. After all, he was going to be my first. Harry smiled at me and nodded.

"Vinny, you think you want me to do you?" I purred while my other hand pushed his away from my breast. His own technique was along the lines of smash and grab. Sloppy to say the least; I knew high school boys who were smoother. Or at least I used to know. Hell, I didn't even know who was alive anymore.

Vinny shuddered and said, "Baby, you can do me anyway you want. That guy can watch for all I care."

"I don't mind if I do," Harry leaned back against the desk and pulled out a cigarette from his coat. He lit it and slowly blew out a ring. I thought that was a bit much but concentrated on inducing fear to make Vinny a bit more tender before I punctured his neck.

"Vinny, you like women who bite?" I asked slowly.

"Yeah, bite, scratch or whatever. It all gets me off. Melinda, you better be taking notes. She talks sexy and plays sexy." Vinny hadn't even looked at my face to see my fangs. He was too busy admiring his own personal toy topping out with lust. God, save me from idiots.

To get his attention I slapped his face rather smartly. That opened his eyes up a bit. But then he further got filthy by reaching up and finally grabbing my breast. Pinching me he said, "Oh, you play rough too. This has to be heaven."

Harry flew to the bed and put his cigarette out on Vinny's hand saying, "She didn't say you could touch her."

Vinny still didn't get it.

"Oh, okay. Sorry, girly." He was still enjoying the show. The smell of cooked meat pushed into my brain with the underlying scent of blood. Vinny's blood. Harry wasn't standing back very much and I said, "Room please."

Vinny laughed saying, "Or you can do her while she does me."

Harry growled, "Gwendolyn, you are taking too long."

I grumbled, "It hasn't been long enough."

Vinny said, "No, whatever you two want. Damn, I have been coming here for years and this is like something out of a magazine. Are you two like for real?"

"Define real?" I asked while pushing Vinny's face upwards and his hand again away from my breast. He was pretty bad at foreplay himself.

He moaned, he really didn't need much help, he was definitely a self-starter and his mind was so filled with sex and various combinations I felt like I was treading in a cesspool. I wasn't even sure I could tap any fear out of this creature. He was depraved and stupid. What a combination. Up until now he had only met folks stupider than him or ignorant of what he was doing. He had little fears because very little bothered him. All of his education came from glossy men's magazines and triple x rated movies he saw monthly over in another state. He had no basis for reality.

My fangs were out as far as they would go which was pretty damn far from how my mouth felt and he had yet to even notice. Melinda was dead and rapid cooling next to him and Harry was sporting his fangs after searing Vinny with the lit cigarette. All Vinny could think of was how he was going to write up this escapade for publication. There was no thought of peril or any even notion of reality spinning for Vinny.

He laughed, "I am really horny and you need to finish me off quick."

Shrugging, I obliged.

I pulled Vinny's hand one last time away from my breast then thrust my fangs quickly and deeply into his neck. Vinny began to grasp that something was happening he hadn't quite expected but I was uncaring. He started to gurgle a protest but by then his mind was spinning around in circles.

"What?" He tried to form a question.

I began to flood his head with images. I didn't have the wealth of real life experience Harry had nor even Vinny but I did have years of bad late night television and scary movies to slam into his brain. I also gave him the feeling of being violated I had picked up from what that fifteen year old neighbor had felt. He had seduced and pretty much raped the kid half his age. In his memory he had recreated the scene but as I drained out his life the reality of what he had done was there for me to pull. I pulled and pushed it into Vinny with a brutal thrust. He groaned and began to panic. My strength was barely enough to keep him on the bed. He bucked and tried to shove me off as I slammed more into his head. Finally with the blood was the enriching fear. Vinny was now afraid. I was vibrating with power and savoring every drop. As I felt Vinny dying Harry came over and slowly talked me through the final stages of the draining. Too soon I was done, but at least I was completely sated.

Together we began the process of getting them ready for their departure. Quickly I stripped the room of the various toys, devices and signs of what we had done. Thankfully the blood was to a minimum and none of it was mine or Harry's so it was consistent with the rough sex play Vinny seemed to desire. Nothing would show up in an investigation making either Vinny or Melinda appear to be saints or innocents. After the fifteen year old freaked out, and she would from everything Vinny had revealed to me in his final moments, there would be more questions than answers. We got the keys from each of their cars and loaded them. I took Vinny's car and corpse while Harry led the way with Melinda and her baggage. The hike back to the motel in the blizzard was pretty boring but I was happy.

As we neared the motel Harry said, "This is not the usual way we get blood. Everything you have been shown is pretty well tainted. Once we get you over to Mitch's place we can train you the right way. Besides at some point I do have to go back to work with Erica -- we are going to be missed in another day or so. She needs to be under a different agent than me now. She has to keep her cool. This whole trip definitely is off the books, but I will figure out how that gets written up in our reports before we get home. Cinda-Misty should do well with Mitch. He has a soft spot for orphans. Seeing how he has made so many."

I didn't laugh at Harry's joke. Then it dawned on me it probably wasn't a joke. Learning how to be a vampire ought to be interesting. It was like this was a course with pass or fail only options. Come to think of it that was exactly what it probably was. Now it sounded like Harry would be leaving me after he dumped me off with this Mitch person. I didn't ask anything since it wasn't like I could change anything.

My happiness, the full stomach and enjoyment of the nice hike in the winter storm drifted away as I figured out I would have to learn more about being a vampire pretty fast to avoid mistakes. From how Harry was acting I knew I was probably not exactly the typical vampire fledgling. I tried to not get angry but naturally a bit of that drifted into my face.

"Gwendolyn, I am not leaving you forever with Mitch. I am just letting him start to teach you while I clear up my schedule. I hadn't planned on turning you this way much less this soon." He tried to placate me.

"Whatever," I said while we climbed up the stairs to the rooms.

He stopped me with a hand, "Not whatever. This is going to work out, you'll see."

He smiled and said, "Go relax, play with the cats. I'll call when it's time to hit the road."

With that we separated and headed to our rooms. Thankfully the other neighbors had stopped their activity and I was able to relax for a while. All too soon things would be changing again.

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2006-05-08
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