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Bookshelf: Philip and the Fortune Teller, by John Paulits

By Piker Press

Philip and the Fortune Teller

by John Paulits

John Paulits' award winning series of middle grade novels featuring Philip Felton and Emery Wyatt is sure to excite your child about reading -- especially e-reading. In Philip and the Fortune Teller, the boy's latest adventure, Philip and Emery encounter a fortune teller who promises them three wishes if they do a simple chore for him. They do the chore and get their wishes, but things get wacky quickly, and the boys wage battle against time, the police -- and common sense -- to set things right before disaster descends on them.

In Philip and the Superstition Kid, voted best children's ebook of 2010 by P. and E. readers, Philip and Emery have to deal with Emery's cousin Leon, the world's unluckiest kid. The boys try everything to keep Leon's bad luck from contaminating them, but when it does, they resort to extreme measures with hilarious results.

What is more natural than Philip wanting a pet, especially after Emery gets one? In Philip and the Angel, Philip tries plans A, B, and C to overcome his parents' resistance. Each of his attempts ends in chaos until, finally, with the help of a very special neighborhood girl, something magical occurs, and Philip's wishes are satisfied.

Eight other Philip novels have the two boys comically addressing other problems they encounter -- a class thief; a deadly curse; a haunted house; an attack of monsters; a bully; a girl who beats the boys at every game they play; the strange case of an odd new kid in the neighborhood; and setting up their own detective agency.

In addition to his Philip series, Mr. Paulits has written additional novels for children. In The Director, a strange man hires Tommy Whitaker to portray a character in a book set in 1957. Tommy accepts the job and has the adventure of a lifetime. In A Cat Tale a group of cats must outwit two nasty men intent on capturing them and turning them over to a shelter for reward. The Empty Houses is a ghost story filled with suspense and humor.

Information on all of Mr. Paulits' books can be found on his website. www.johnpaulits.com.

Mr. Paulits' books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the publishers' websites.

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Published on 2013-02-25
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