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May 27, 2024

Bookshelf: Eden's Revenge, by Barry Kirwan

By Piker Press

Eden's Revenge

by Barry Kirwan

Barry Kirwan's third novel in the Eden Paradox series starts eighteen years after the end of Eden's Trial. Humanity has survived, quarantined on the planet Esperia, but all children have been genetically 'upgraded,' leading to a social rift that President Micah Sanderson is barely able to bridge. Meanwhile, old enemies gather outside the protective barrier due to come down in seven days, and a galactic war rages across half the galaxy, the invading army's spearhead relentlessly fixed on Esperia. Mankind won't stand a chance without external help. Yet in the middle of a galactic war, who is concerned about one small planet when worlds fall every day?

Eden's Revenge thrusts humanity into a war whose origins are more than two billion years old, and Micah and the 'Genners' must make new allies of alien races in order to have a hope of surviving in a galaxy where most species are far more advanced. But the human characters dominate the story, along with their weaknesses, betrayals, courage and determination. In Eden's Revenge, Micah and others are pushed to the edge and beyond, and those who seek revenge find its true cost.

"Once again I was pulled into Barry's world. I admit I was ready and waiting for this third novel in the gripping Eden's Paradox series that Mr. Kirwan has crafted so well. Barry takes the humanity in us and mixes it with the yet-unknown creatures of his world. Literally, he tears out the humanity in some characters while giving them a glimpse of creations and worlds not of Earth, but yet hauntingly similar. The thrusting of the changes comes fast, and for me, welcome. There is no way to stop from being sucked into Eden's survivors' race to beat the odds of making it another cycle.

"Micah has matured since the first books, yet still has his impulsive nature that made him so intense and worthy of watching as he grew up in a new world with new challenges. Petra has come forth, and as a Genner is enchanting and yet a bittersweet character. Once again there are heroes both fallen and saved by Barry's cast. The twists and turns make for a great ride.

"I can't wait for the next installment, Barry! Keep up the good work."

-- Lydia Manx

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Published on 2013-06-03
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