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February 19, 2024

Bookshelf: Stinky Rotten Threats by Terry Petersen

By Piker Press

Stinky Rotten Threats

by Terry Petersen

A stink begins the day for Chase and his friends in Magic Woods summer school. Pitch Hardside, son of a Malefics leader, has projected an image of himself in front of the woods -- inside his obnoxious concoction. The odor opens into bizarre threats, while Pitch is stuck in more than he can handle. The Magic Woods school is in danger and teacher-leader Grandfather tries to save Pitch from trouble the young Malefic created for himself. Chase wonders why.

Since Stinky Rotten Threats, Book Two in the Star League Chronicles, takes place in summer school, Chase faces math and science as well as adventure. Magic touches all and would enlighten a classroom as well as a grandparent or teacher's sense of humor.

"Stinky Rotten Threats," a middle-grade fantasy, is available at Amazon .

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Published on 2017-09-18
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