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July 08, 2024

Bookshelf: The Truth About Snails, by JD DeHart

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The Truth About Snails

by JD DeHart

In 2014, over the course of some snow days, I put together a collection that would become The Truth About Snails. At the time, most of the writing I was getting to was speculative and science fictional (I guess that's a word) in nature. So the first collection of poetry I put together reflected this.

Poems were inspired by years as a comic book reader and sci-fi fan. They were not fan fiction, really, but reflected larger themes of science fiction and fantasy that I enjoyed.

This is the text that appears on the back of the book:

"Ordinary objects take on a new form, and myths become real and move next door in the verses contained in this collection. Whether it is a recasting of the myth of Sisyphus, or the titular truth about the origin of our shell-bearing planet dwellers, each poem offers a new view of an old friend. Much of the writing was inspired by comic books and science fiction, and on concepts beyond the scope of the real world, and cast firmly in the supernatural."

My hope is that this book can be the first of many. I am already at work on a second collection, which is out for review now, as well as a variety of articles, reviews, and prose works. I reprint some of my favorite poems at , write reviews and post them at JD DeHart Reading and Literature Resources, and tweet @jd_dehart.

Whether you check out this chapbook collection, a future book, or just read my work around the web, I appreciate the read!

The Truth About Snails is now available both on Amazon and Red Dashboard, the publisher's website.

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Published on 2017-09-25
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