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May 27, 2024

Contests: Joanna Catherine Scott Novel Exerpt

By Gillespie and Queen

Joanna Catherine Scott Novel Excerpt Prize

The Soul-Making Literary Competition is a community arts outreach program sponsored by the National League of American Pen Women, Nob Hill, San Francisco Bay Area Branch.

This annual contest is open to everyone and "looks for original, freshly creative and finely crafted works" that most closely resembles a creative interpretation of English poet, John Keats' statement:

"Some say the world is a vale of tears,
I say it is a place of soul-making"

The Joanna Catherine Scott Novel Excerpt Prize is but a small piece of Soul-Making Competition. There are contests for poems, creative nonfiction, short stories and more.

Submissions to the Novel Excerpt Prize should be the first chapter of a novel, or the first 20 pages, whichever comes first. Joanna Catherine Scott is the judge. Include a one-page synopsis of the novel with your submission.

Submissions must be mailed according to the guidelines listed on the webpage: /www.soulmakingcontest.us. There is a $5.00 entry fee. Deadline is November 30, 2004.

First place -- $100
Second place -- $50
Third place -- $25


...and don't forget:


A favorite Piker past-time since 2001 and the inspiration behind the founding of the Piker Press, National Novel Writing Month kicks off on November 1, 2004. Anyone who finishes is a winner, and the only prize is the satisfaction of having written a novel, but what a delightful prize it is! It's not too late to try to write a 50,000 word novel by November 30, 2004, especial with mottoes like "Quantity, not quality!" and "No plot? No problem!"

Sign up at the official site at NaNoWriMo.org.

Darklight anti-fanfic, running now through Jan 31, 2005. Retell the terrible sci-fi channel movie to share among fellow (anti)fans or come up with an original idea based on the demoness Lilith for possible publication in the Press. More info.


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Published on 2004-11-06
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