May 23, 2022

Carl Wade Thompson

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Silence (2016-10-10) cover story poem unrhymed

Carl Wade Thompson is a poet, memoirist, and the graduate writing tutor at Texas Wesleyan University.

The Broken Ghost (2016-10-17) serial poem unrhymed

" thought is left to him...just a vengeful ghost..."

Encounters (2016-10-24) serial poem unrhymed

"...their souls stretch -- famished, rice paper thin in the wind..."

Spiritual Drift (2016-10-31) serial poem unrhymed

"...only the Dharma Wheel remains..."

A Forgotten Nightmare (2016-11-07) serial poem unrhymed

"...A ghost's cry rings hollow..."

Teddy Bear (2016-11-14) serial poem unrhymed

"...Each dawn, I let him go..."

Reflections from the Newsreel: The After (2016-11-14) column poem news

We begin a new column in the Piker Press, observing the world and what's happening in it through a poet's eyes.

The Forgotten Name (2016-11-21) serial poem unrhymed

"...How many years have passed..."

Reflections from the Newsreel 02: Alt (2016-11-21) column poem news

"...poisoned speech drips in our ears..."

Reflections from the Newsreel 03: Everyday Ordinary (2016-11-28) column poem news

What happens when you forget to react?

Reflections from the Newsreel 04: The Faces of Fidel (2016-12-05) column poem news

" icon of the times..."

The Numbers Game (2016-12-12) poem unrhymed

" they not count as well..."

Reflections from the Newsreel 05: The Final Tour (2016-12-12) column poem news

"...against a common foe -- one last time..."

Reflections from the Newsreel 06: Voices from Aleppo (2016-12-19) column poem news

"...there is no food, no help or aid to come..."

Absence (2016-12-26) poem unrhymed

"...Exceptionalism when it comes to death..."

Reflections from the Newsreel 07: Flint in Perspective (2016-12-26) column poem news

On the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, USA...

Reflections from the Newsreel 08: A Reflection on Myanmar (2017-01-02) column poem news

"...the Rohingya flee -- no place to go..."

Reflections from the Newsreel 09: The Cure (2017-01-09) column poem news

Considering news reports of the killing of drug addicts in the Philippines...

Reflections from the Newsreel 10: Changing Faces (2017-01-16) column poem news

"...What put them in this place?.."

Passing Midland-Odessa on I-20 (2019-02-18) poem unrhymed

" angel that has strayed far from God's grace...

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The Night Watch (2016-11-28) cover story essay memoir

Carl Wade Thompson is a poet, memoirist, and the graduate writing tutor at Texas Wesleyan University.

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Reflections from the Newsreel 11: Inauguration (2017-01-23) column poem news

"...the way it's always been."

Reflections from the Newsreel 12: Alternative Facts (2017-01-30) column poem news

"...Double-speak is the way; Orwell's prophecy comes true..."

Reflections from the Newsreel 13: A Respite in Hell (2017-02-06) column poem news

Another look at the results of drug use in the Philippines...

Reflections from the Newsreel 14: The Deafening Silence (2017-02-13) column poem news

Ongoing genocide of the ethnic Muslim minority, the Rohingya...

Reflections from the Newsreel 15: The Real (2017-02-20) column poem news

Who have we become?

Reflections from the Newsreel 16: A Sin Against Humanity (2017-02-27) column poem news

Regarding the hate crime in St. Louis: the desecration of a Jewish cemetery.

Reflections from the Newsreel 17: White Terror (2017-03-06) column poem news

Fear doesn't always have its origin in foreign lands...

Reflections from the Newsreel 18: Chicken for Dinner (2017-03-13) column poem news

The impeachment of the corrupt South Korean--South Koreans celebrated by having chicken for dinner, a play on the word chicken, which rhymes with the president's name in Korean.

Reflections from the Newsreel 19: Repeal (2017-03-27) column poem news

"...The time has to come to hurt the voiceless..."

Reflections from the Newsreel 20: Failed Potential (2017-04-10) column poem news

Aung San Suu Kyi brought about hope and peace to the people for the people, but those hopes have been dashed for her lack of sympathy towards the Rohingya, who are suffering from government-sanctioned genocide.

Reflections from the Newsreel 21: The Last Gasp (2017-04-17) column poem news

The horror of chemical weapons in Syria...

Reflections from the Newsreel 22: Tragedy in Kabul (2017-06-05) essay current events

Looking at the recent terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan...

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Carl Wade Thompson
Carl Wade Thompson

Carl Wade Thompson is a poet, memoirist, and the graduate writing tutor at Texas Wesleyan University. His poetry and memoir essays have appeared in The Mayo Review, The Galway Review, The Eunoia Review, The Concho River Review, The Blue Collar Review, Sheepshead Review, Anak Sastra Blue Minaret, Work Literary Magazine, Cenizo, Elegant Rage, Crosstimbers, One in Four, and Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas.