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Articles by Chas Wallace

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The Ridge Walker (2007-07-16) cover story short fiction

The Swamp of No Hope (2008-01-07) cover story fiction

He inventoried his armament. He had the courage; he had the determination. He had the vision of his destination, and he knew he had the strength to succeed. His equipment was sound, his supplies were adequate. He was prepared, he was chosen, and he needed nothing more to set out on the journey ...

The Ridge Walker: Part 2 (2008-06-23) cover story short fiction

The look in his eyes was serious, but filled with promise. But it was a promise that seemed to come from farther away than Jim had ever imagined. He was afraid of that pledge, but far more afraid of not taking that first step ...

The Ridge Walker: Part 3 (2008-07-21) cover story fiction

If you live in an isolated little town, you can get very comfortable being like everyone else. They see the same sights, they speak the same language, they know where everything in town is supposed to be. However, if you step outside the isolation, and keep on traveling, after a while you know that if you ever go back to your home town, the people there might not even recognize who you are ...

Obsession (2008-08-25) cover story fiction

There are beliefs that are unshakable. These require no act of faith; they are simply there, from the heart out, and no argument or gesture or demonstration can disprove them, not even when the believer wants desperately to be convinced that things can be different ...

Obsession, Part 2 (2008-09-01) short fiction

In life, in personal relationships, every second counts. Often we don't believe that ... until it's too late.

Obsession, Part 3 (2008-09-08) short fiction

She had no idea what to tell him or what to say to him, she couldn't feel more unequal to what lay ahead. He wasn't quite sure what he could tell her. They hoped that the love they shared would be enough to carry them through this meeting ...

The Yellow Roses (2008-09-15) cover story short fiction

A day a little different from any other; a day no different than any other. A day to reach out in kindness; a day to turn away from the darkness of the past. Each day is like that, making a decision to be as good as you know the rest of the world wants you to be ...

Kinamoor and Darrellma (2009-05-11) cover story short fiction

Sometimes we forget to ask, "What's your name?" -- even when we want to know someone better ... and is that because the question in our hearts is "What's your real name?"...

Kinamoor and Darrellma, Part 2 (2009-05-18) short fiction

He found a world of purpose, of strength, a world that could engage his whole mind. And his heart...

Kinamoor and Darrellma, Part 3 (2009-05-25) short fiction

Compared to the Game, real life is a disappointment. Well, except for certain rare occasions ...

The Singularity (2009-08-24) short fiction science fiction

Inexplicable, inexorable ... only those who witnessed the Singularity truly understood the meaning of those words.

The Summoning (2009-10-26) fiction horror ghosts writing

Something draws near when a writer flexes his fingers and begins to draw upon his own past for words ... the words are easy, but what is it that they evoke?

Payback (2010-01-04) short fiction science fiction time travel

At the last moment, you can change your mind -- but so can Fate ... and maybe Fate knows what you intended in the first place ...

The Ridge Walker: Part 4 (2010-02-15) cover story short fiction

Some may call that beautiful sound the "music of the spheres" and others may call it the "echoes of creation" but Jimbo is about to find out whose voice it really is ...

Why Did She Do This? (2010-05-10) short fiction humor

Was it really a mixup, or did she have that planned all along?

With No Announcement (2011-03-28) short fiction

When all that is left is what needs to be, a kind of action may be ready to take place ...

Little Red (2011-04-25) fiction spoof

Just because you're little doesn't mean everyone is going to protect you, and maybe if you've been entrusted with an important task, you shouldn't let yourself get sidetracked into another ... (Originally appeared 2008-05-26)

The Black Forest and the River of Despair (2011-07-11) cover story short fiction fantasy

The journey may be long, and who knows what one will encounter along the way? What is known is that the journey is made alone ...

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Peek of the Week 114 (2007-10-29) photo art

Butler Fork Trail to Dog Lake, in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, USA.

Peek of the Week 118 (2007-11-26) photo art

Butler Fork trail to Dog Lake high up in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

Peek of the Week 156 (2008-08-18) photo art

A view of the Sundial Peaks across Lake Blanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

Peek of the Week 203 (2009-07-13) photo art

Trail in the Sourland Preserve, New Jersey, USA.

Peek of the Week 207 (2009-08-10) photo art

Trail along the Ramapo River in South Mountain Reservation in New Jersey, USA.

Peek of the Week 241 (2010-04-05) photo art

Grafitti in a green glade.

Peek of the Week 249 (2010-05-31) photo art

An intimate glimpse of one of Chas Wallace's prized fountain pens.

Peek of the Week 259 (2010-08-09) photo art

A forest trail near Jockey Hollow, in the Watchung Mountains in New Jersey, USA.

Peek of the Week 317 (2011-10-03) photo art

Lone Peak Wilderness Area, Utah, USA.

Peek of the Week 370 (2012-10-15) photo art

Peaceful autumn in Millcreek Canyon, Grandeur Peak hike, Utah, USA.

Peek of the Week 378 (2012-12-10) photo art

Millcreek Canyon, Grandeur Peak, Utah, USA.

Peek of the Week 384 (2013-01-21) photo art

Bare trees are transformed by winter's decoration.

The Visual Art 01 (2014-12-15) photo art

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA.

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The Wedding Cake (2007-12-31) food

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Or wait, is that actually supposed to read "A thing of beauty is a nervous breakdown in the making"?

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Ink 01:Diamine Blue Black (2009-07-13) nonfiction ink art fountain pen

Each kind of ink has its own characteristics. In this series, Chas Wallace introduces our readers to the 'flavor' of the fountain pen ink "Diamine Blue Black."

Oh La Bonne Odeur De Soupe Et Fromage (2010-03-22) food potato cheese soup

Just the thing for a lunch, waiting for Spring to catch up with the calendar!

Perfect Fettucine Alfredo (2012-04-09) food fettuccine alfredo pasta

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm headed to Mr. Wallace's house for dinner!

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Ink 02: Éclat De Saphir (2009-07-20) review ink Eclat de Saphir

Chas Wallace reviews another fountain pen ink, this time J. Herbin's Eclat de Saphir.

Ink 03: Waterman Black (2009-08-03) review ink Waterman Black

Chas Wallace explores ink in search of the perfect black ink for use in fountain pens.

Ink 04: Mont Blanc (2009-08-17) review ink Mont Blanc

Chas Wallace samples the translucent quality of the ink, "Mont Blanc".

Ink 05: Noodlers Bulletproof Black (2009-08-31) review ink Noodlers Black

Chas Wallace continues on his quest for the perfect ink for fountain pens.

Ink 06: Sailor's Jentle Black (2009-09-14) review ink Sailor's Jentle Black

Chas Wallace continues his search for the best black ink for use in fountain pens.

Ink 07: Perle Noir (2009-09-28) review ink

Chas Wallace investigates yet another black ink, this time J. Harbin's Perle Noire.

Ink 08: Namiki (2009-10-12) review ink "Namiki"

Chas Wallace continues his search for the best fountain pen ink.

Ink 09: Caran d'Ache (2009-11-09) review ink "Caran d'Ache"

Chas Wallace continues his search for the perfect fountain pen ink with a test of Caran d'Ache.

Ink 10: De Atramentis (2009-11-30) review ink "De Atramentis"

Chas Wallace reviews the document quality ink "De Atramentis."

Ink 11: Yard-O-Led (2009-12-14) review ink "Yard-O-Led"

With the eye of an expert, Chas Wallace discovers something interesting about Yard-O-Led Jet Black ink.

Ink 12: Sailor Black (2009-12-28) review ink "Salilor Black"

Chas Wallace may have found the black in of his dreams in "Sailor Black."

Ink 13: Platinum (2010-01-11) review ink "Platinum"

Chas Wallace tries out the Japanese ink "Platinum" and begins to categorize his discoveries.

Ink 14: Pelikan Brilliant Black (2010-01-25) product review ink "Pelikan Brilliant Black"

Chas Wallace recommends the ink "Pelikan Brilliant Black."

Ink 15: Heart of Darkness (2010-02-15) product review ink "Heart of Darkness"

First of all, how could you not like an ink called "The Heart of Darkness?"

Ink 16: J Herbin Lie De Thé (2010-05-03) product review ink J. Herbin "Lie de The"

Not at all black, but rather sepia in tone, "Lie de The" appeals somehow to Chas Wallace.

Ink 17: Noodler's Blue Black (2010-05-17) product review ink "Noodler's Blue Black"

Chas Wallace turns from his search for the perfect black ink to a new shade: blue black, from Noodler's Ink.

5000 Angry Bees (2010-06-21) essay

A bee lands on your arm. Think before you act, but don't spend your youth in thought before you get that bug off ...

Ink 18: Noodler's White Peacock (2010-08-23) product review ink "Noodler's White Peacock"

Chas Wallace has the opportunity to try out some white ink.

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