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May 20, 2024

Lichloved 04

By Alexandra Queen

A young girl in pink with a teddy bear and a black veil of mourning stands in a graveyard next to a headstone bearing the number seven and an open grave. Around her stand a priest in white robes, holding a prayer book, a seductive lady necromancer in black, a shadow knight in armor, two undead skeletal servants and a young necromancer boy in robes with his hands in his pockets. General Lichloved demands Ashlinne hold her new mommy's hand while Hellena smiles coldly. Ashlinne says she'd rather hold Mr. Bear's hand.
An armored glove snatches a teddy bear away from a young girl with big blue eyes, then tosses the toy to an undead skeletal servant. The skeleton Floyd worries Mr. Bear like a dog toy, Floyd's dapper black tie wrapping around his skull as he shreds the teddy bear. Floyd spits out the fabric scraps with a ptoo sound.A young girl in pink and a black hat of mourning stares down into an open grave in horror at the remains of her shredded teddy bear tossed onto her mother's coffin. Her evil shadow knight father tells Ashlinne to say goodbye to her mommy and Mr. Bear.

Ashlinne in the first panel will have to be redone, for sure. The second panel, where Floyd takes down Mr. Bear, is one of my finest moments as an artist. Panel three is all right, but I had just figured out the texture filters and global lighting. "This is great!" I thought...

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Article © Alexandra Queen. All rights reserved.
Published on 2005-11-21
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