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May 20, 2024

Lichloved 17

By Alexandra Queen

Necromancer Hazzanghoul fishes while vacationing with shadow knight Ashlinne.

Half the vacation in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, half in one of the biggest cities in the world. Fun!

What, you have unresolved questions about this week's sketch? Well, of course you do. Yes, that's Hazz fishing. Yes, that's Ashlinne relaxing in most of her armor on the beach, all grown up and finally a shadow knight (note I didn't say "successful"). No, Mr. Un-Bear is not shown -- that's BitBit holding the shade leaf. You'll meet him later. If this week was in color, you would see that, yes, she is still wearing pink, and that Hazz still wears the same robe (Ash is using it as a pillow above). But if I had colored it, it wouldn't be much of a vacation, now, would it? No, the regular strip hasn't done another ten year jump (yet).

And though you might think it silly to have Hazz fishing and Ash using an iron alloy sunblock, those will eventually be proven to be significant character development points. Not that you're wrong about it being silly.

I will make sure to relax extra hard for each and every single one of you.

Those of you who have been voting daily are flat out awesome, but I'm very grateful for anyone who's clicked the button. Check back for occasional "extras" when you vote! Vote for 1542 on the Top 100 Comic sites!

Article © Alexandra Queen. All rights reserved.
Published on 2006-02-20
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