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June 24, 2024

Lichloved 62 - Valentine's Day

By Alexandra Queen

You all knew John was the one who came up with the characters and premise behind Lichloved, right? He's a fantastic storyteller. So I stole em. And the cupcake curse. I stole that, too.

It's natural to wonder how much of a character is drawn from an author's real life. While Hazz and Ash are drawn heavily from John and I, there's as much of him in Ashlinne and me in Hazz as vice versa. And Ashlinne's got bits of Cheryl, Monique, and Jane Eyre while Hazz has a healthy dollop of Hobbes, Mr. Rochester and David Bowie. (Now that I think of it, there's a bit of Calvin to Ash's look, isn't there?) But if you're wondering what parts are drawn from real life and what's made up, the parts where Hazz and Ash find each other endlessly entertaining and are always there for each other -- that's John and me. Happy Valentine's Day, my heart.

Those of you who have been voting daily are flat out awesome, but I'm very grateful for anyone who's clicked the button. The Webcomic List

Article © Alexandra Queen. All rights reserved.
Published on 2007-02-12
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