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May 20, 2024

Lichloved 37

By Alexandra Queen

Neither Hazzanghoul's practical pessimism nor one or two ales too many can stop Ashlinne Lichloved from revealing her plan to commit her first truly evil act so that she can seize her destiny and become a shadow knight. you can't keep a good woman down.


  • Aah! What happened to her sword?
    Um! I'm presuming that Hazz made her leave it at home before he'd take her anywhere that served alcohol. She's belligerent enough when she's sober. Armed and liquored up might not be pretty.
  • So she IS drunk! How's that work? Isn't she, um... how old is she right now?
    A little shy of 17. However, the drinking age in the medieval fantasy milieu is twenty-one months old. Or tall enough to see over the bar. Whichever suits the barkeep's fancy. (Halflings hate that rule.)
  • Halfling? What's that?
    [ NapoleonDynamite ] Guh! I don't believe you people! [ /Napoleon Dynamite] Halflings are hobbits without the copyright issues.
  • What's a hobbit?
    Leave now and do not come back until you have either seen or read Lord of the Rings.
  • Is there some special significance to the Harm Touch that you have forgotten to work into the strip because it's common knowledge in Sony's EverQuest, the game that very loosely inspired some of this comic?
    I'm kind of relieved you asked. Harm Touch is a disastrous spell that dumps an enormous amount of damage onto a foe in an extremely fast manner. The more powerful the shadow knight, the more damage his Harm Touch does. Only shadow knights can do it, and they can only do it once per day. I'm paying more attention to details like this as I'm storyboarding out Part Two. Sorry. My plot proof reader also plays EverQuest and it didn't occur to him to explain Harm Touch in more detail either. All our bases are belong to you.
  • Isn't that cat Fourmyle's sister?
    Jizbella!! Gone from my life (damn that trick bladder), but never my heart. What you can't see in the comic is that most of the vendor's stalls up and down the street have little dribbles of cat pee on them.

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    Published on 2008-04-07
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